Thursday, April 16, 2015

Tickle Me Mint

My all-time favourite nail polish is Essie's Absolutely Shore because it's gorgeous on the fingers- on its own or with a layer of glitter over the top, and I've never seen a better pedicure on myself than with this minty seafoam green. Among OPI's Spring/Summer '15 Hawaii-inspired collection is That's Hularious* and I thought I knew what mint was until I saw this.

When I received it in the mail, I pulled out some other mint polishes to compare. To my surprise, I don't have anything like it in my collection. Everything I own is more blue, more turquoise than the rather pistachio-leaning That's Hula-rious which I think is a true pale mint and a real spring-summer classic pastel, which is perfect for Northern Hemisphere girls! Us Southerners have the advantage of staying ahead of trends so we can set it aside and bring it back out in 6 months time.

Typical of me, I like paler nail colours so I've only tried pastel OPI shades. Typical of OPI, application is easy with the signature wide OPI brush, but it's a little streaky on the first coat. Like many pastel polishes, it's no one-coat wonder and needs 2 to be presentable. I think it's a great colour for the northern hemisphere's impending summer and spring seasons, and one that I'll pull out then. I painted Absolutely Shore alongside That's Hula-rious and I can confess I was mistaken in thinking I'd found a dupe for my fave polish ever that was easier to apply. Essie's fault is the difficult application- small brush, very sheer and often streaky. OPI is consistently easy to apply but That's Hula-rious hasn't quite knocked Absolutely Shore off the pedestal.

l-r: Rimmel and Sally Hansen polishes posted about here; Essie Absolutely Shore; Sally Hansen; OPI That's Hula-rious!

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