Sunday, May 17, 2015

Dining Fine: 85 Miskin Street

This Saturday we ventured to brunch, which is a rarity because after years of brunching I've become quite immune to the charms of poached eggs, pancakes and waffles that I can easily whip up at home. However, we ate at 85 Miskin Street and enjoyed our meal. I'd heard of 85 Miskin Street a couple of years ago but only visited recently thanks to my brother. My brother discovered Scoopon this year and gifted us with a couple of breakfast Scoopons that he purchased but could not use within the free time he has in his FIFO schedule. We visited on a Saturday morning around 10 am and apart from the treacherous Toowong hills that it's sitting amongst which make parking and manoeuvreing quite difficult, the 85 Miskin Street breakfast dining experience was great.

The Special: Lamb, Potato, Poached Egg, Toasted Turkish and Raita;
The Breakfast Regular: Bacon, Croquette, Homestyle Beans, Soft-Cooked Egg and Sourdough;
Juices: Apple & Fennel; Orange, Pineapple and Mint

While both dishes' eggs required seasoning with the sea salt on the table, I loved the onsen-style egg and the crisp bacon with sourdough. The croquette supposedly contained jamon but the filling was surprisingly creamy and spiced with cumin instead. It was nice, not oily at all and crunchy, but the beans stole the show with a punchy tomato sauce that tasted like a solid onion-and-garlic-based sugo that my Italian teacher would be proud of. The beans could have been cooked for a little longer, as the kidney beans were a little chalky and the portion of beans was very generous in proportion to the rest of the plate. The lamb special was even more enjoyable, as the meaty flavour complemented the curry-spiced potato 'slice' and the raita was a nice partner to the spices of the lamb. The eggs seemed to be cooked on too high a heat, as the outside was cooked hard but the interior was underdone. The toasted Turkish was taken a bit too far, to the point of dry and almost burnt, but it was tolerable. The deal included housemade bottled juices, which were on the small side but quite tastefully paired- the apple & fennel was interesting as the fennel lent an aniseed flavour, and the orange, pineapple & mint was pleasantly neutral for a breakfast juice, with a refreshing minty twist.
The serving sizes were decent, which disproved any reservations we had garnered from reading reviews. The service was faultless and the ambience was very pretty and upscale, as the interior of the converted Queenslander has been made fittingly fine to suit the evening dinner crowds. My brother purchased 2 vouchers so I'll be heading back with family soon, but I'm happy to assure my family that the dining experience in store for them is a pleasant one.

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