Sunday, May 17, 2015

It's Always Darkest Before the Dawn

We're having a bit of a lull between major assignments and final exams so I thought I'd take the opportunity to post a few photos of what I've been up to when it's quiet on the blog front. I haven't worked this hard academically in my life and considering it's fourth and final year, it's about time I did, huh? The weather's chilling down too, which I adore, and the sunny, crisp days remind me of being in Switzerland on Italian exchange again- right down to the unreasonably warm midday when you have to carry your coat instead of wear it.

Birthday Happy Socks gifted from a friend, L'Occitane Arlesienne and Caudalie Vinotherapie hand creams and sheet masks- Tony Moly ones from W Cosmetics (when I needed to make the eftpos minimum, oh the desperation) and The Face Shop from my sister when she was talked into buying the entire range in a box set from the brand's shop in Singapore. So ready for winter!

Care package for someone's winter sniffles- canned soup, Vicks VapourRub, chewable Vit C, Strepsils, anti-sandpaper tissues and handwarmers.

Toby's so cute! I'm planning on taking him to the groomer soon- we've never taken him to be groomed by a professional before so if you live in Brisbane and know any recommendations, please comment! I'm thinking of taking him to Nose 2 Tail because I heard of them through friends when we used to go to Kenmore Baptist Church.

My plants are doing really well! I've also started using a personal-sized plunger that we had in the house for my loose leaf tea and I think it tastes so much better. The personal size is a bit pointless because I want more than one mug so I refill it but it's cute to have! I've been loving my IKEA mug as well. I was going to pick a blue china print but when I saw this seafoam green pattern I put down the other one and got this one instead.

Ate at the Balfour Kitchen in the Spicers Hotel, New Farm which served a bizarre fusion of European cuisine injected with a bit of Indian flair thanks to the chef's travels through India. Entrees in the first photo are pumpkin lentil rolls with pear and banana, smoked trout with cucumber and pomegranate and beef meatballs in a green curry sauce. My tiger prawn main was less Indian, and more Thai and was deliciously flavourful and punchy. The Spicers Hotel is so cute- with only 9 rooms- in a converted, refurbished Queenslander. It has a very private rooftop bar made magical by a little arbour and twinkling fairy lights that would be fun with friends in slightly warmer weather. 

Because working on 53-page development application assignments requires something a bit stronger than tea. Iced coffee (with fatty cream and ice cream) at Wordies. I've decided I don't like aerosol cream anymore. 

The most vibrant burgers! Went back to NKB Express for the Meatpacker burger and the Oreo shake. Peter tried the burger with mushrooms and Swiss cheese and it wasn't as fresh and zingy. They have a student special that gets you the Meatpacker and a milkshake/Budweiser for $15 and it's a pretty good deal because the Hershey's and Oreo shakes are $8 on their own. I love the 1950's diner vibe of NKB Express much better than its parent restaurant Nantucket Kitchen and Bar up the road at Indooroopilly because it's much more approachable and geared toward us as an audience (in cuisine and price point) on a day-to-day basis.

Starting to really enjoy the Strawberries and Cream fruit tisane from T2- I didn't take to it at first but after mixing in a bit of honey I like it a lot better! Strawberry-flavoured things like T2's Gorgeous Geisha are my jam.

Yoghurt+chia seeds+fruit is my go-to 'clean eating' breakfast at home, and my current read. I ordered a bunch of books from theBookDepository last year and I'm only getting around to reading them now. 

Wanted a $5 afternoon snack at UQ and tried GYG's guacamole and tortilla corn chips. A really good alternative to hot chips and gravy (my guilty pleasure from the refectory).

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