Monday, May 18, 2015

Let Me Down Easy

I'd like to think I've learnt to be more discerning in my beauty purchases but it's inevitable that there are some occasions when I'm not 100% won over. This post is dedicated to those products that disappointed, didn't work for me, or were not worth any hype there was.

Rimmel Lasting Finish Powder in 03 Silky Beige*
I love powder foundation and wearing concealer and powder for an easy face base but this isn't something I'm all too impressed with. I put this down to the slight chemical scent and the pigmentation because the shade I was sent is a fraction too pink for me- for a setting powder, that would be passable but this is supposed to double as a powder foundation too. I think 02 Soft Beige might have matched me better. It also has the tiniest shimmer, which I was surprised by- it might add a glow but I would use a highlighter for that. I've never tried Rimmel's face powders but I haven't heard of the Stay Matte having shimmer. I can use this as a setting powder for my Etude House BB Cushion and over concealer, but for a powder foundation the match is slightly off.

Physician's Formula Shimmer Strips Custom Eye Enhancing Eyeliner Trio for Brown Eyes
got these a while ago and I love the mechanical style of the pencil and the little secret sharpener at the bottom but they're just weak. I compare them to my current favourite eyeliner here and they just pale in comparison. For a liner that fades and wears off as easily as these do, it's just not worth the effort when there are better products out there.

Rimmel Salon Pro nail polish in Posh Trash
I confess I sometimes enter Priceline and am reluctant to leave empty-handed when there's a really good sale on. I bought this under those circumstances and thought I'd found a pretty copper/rose gold nail polish but this paints on so streaky it's shocking on the nails. My favourite neutral polish is from the same line though, so I feel it's just this shade that isn't as impressive. I can use these types of shades to accent other polishes so I'm keeping it around but I wouldn't wear it on all my nails the way I wear other foil-style polishes.

Ben Nye Matte Make Up Sealing Spray
I had found an industry-grade makeup store in the city and I wanted to try something cool and MUA-esque without spending a tonne of money on a full-blown Temptu airbrush kit or Crown brushes because there were SO many to choose from so I got the Ben Nye equivalent of the famous Urban Decay setting sprays. The first thing about it, which made me revisit the shop to ask about it- is that the spray nozzle wasn't fine enough and sprayed droplets occasionally, instead of a mist and because of that, I didn't use it very often. Now weirdly, despite its 30-month shelf life, it's gone green! It was as blue as the sky when I bought it. I'm afraid to use it now so I'm not touching it anymore.

The Body Shop Vineyard Peach Body Mist
I found their Vineyard Peach line delicious the first 2 years I spotted it in stores- the shower gel in particular- and I finally caved and bought the Body Mist, which I adored in September last year but I find the lasting power to be too short and the scent to develop into something quite different and soapy. I've repurposed it as a room spray and my 17 year old sister loves spritzing it around her room but it disappointed as a body product.

NYX Soft Matte Lip Cream in Antwerp
Michelle put me on to these and I loved the look of the strawberry pink Antwerp (and I ADORED the capital city names of the shades!) but once I bought it in Singapore my taste in lip colours went from pinks to more natural shades. I tried to make this work by dabbing it in the centre of the lips and blending it outward in the same way I make use of my more vibrant lipsticks but the matte formula makes it difficult to work with. To get away with wearing these matte creams, lips have to be exfoliated, moisturised and in top shape and that's just too much hassle for a shade of strawberry pink when I prefer more natural MLBB lip colours.

MAC Brush Cleanser
I bought this a good long while ago and I initially liked this soapy, alcohol spot cleaner because I could see my brushes become visibly cleaner with it but I've barely used it since because while I like spot cleaning my brushes, the nature of the brush cleanser requires it to be used with a tissue or paper towel, and swirling the brushes on the wet paper causes it to disintegrate and it gets all over the brushes. I feel like for $20 MAC could produce something that was bit more effective without the faff.

NYX Antwerp, Physician's Formula liners, Rimmel powder (pointless)

*Product provided for consideration.

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