Saturday, May 30, 2015

May Favourites

I've been trying some new things and loving some old this May. My skin is going through a rough patch from stress and the changing weather but hopefully once we clear swotvac and exams life will be peaceful for the month-long winter break we have from University classes. I had a good May- it was full of good food, fun with friends and some major schoolwork that I'm just praying will produce decent results. (Can you tell I'm in my final year? Eeek. So not ready for the real world but at the same time I can hardly wait until I get there.)

MAC Brun
EcoTools Smudge Brush
I've been liking a bit of definition in the brow game and while brands tout their pencils, pastes and pomades, I think powders remain the original brow solution that I first stumbled upon. I used to use an angled brush but the stiff, short bristles of this one set it apart from the thin lines that angled brushes give and it's quick and easy- 3 strokes and we're done. When I'm going to class I dab on NARS Creamy Radiant Concealer, dust on blush/bronzer, put on my brows and I'm out the door with a lip balm tossed into my bag.

L'Occitane Arlesienne Velvet Hand Cream
This was part of a birthday gift from some lovely friends and I adore this strong floral scent and the formula of this hand cream. There's a noticeable difference when the cream is scented with essential oils like these, as the scent is purer than other brands I've tried.

Burt's Bees Lemon Cuticle Cream
This isn't a true favourite but I wanted to mention it in this post because I've used it a fair bit this month. I think this is interesting and cuticles can always use more attention but it's a love/hate product because I tried hard to like this but it smells like floor cleaning agent and I can't stand it. Sorry Burt, I really do like your branding but this cuticle cream is not a good egg.

Moroccanoil treatment
David Babaii Instant Straight Smoothing Balm
I've been using both of these products on damp hair a few times a week to help nourish the ends and rein in the frizziness. Between brushing it to distribute the natural oils from the scalp, using dry shampoo to tide me over for alternate-day washes and using these two products on the length and ends, I'm hoping that my hair will behave in winter and not dry out terribly.

Kate Somerville Age Arrest Eye Cream
My high school best friend gave me a bunch of samples that she had accumulated through shopping and her pharmacy work and this eye cream sachet was among them. I don't include eye cream in my routine normally but the cold weather is taking its toll and I felt like that area of my face could use some extra attention. Considering the full size is 15mL for $100, this is a good trial as I can get quite a few uses out of this little pot. I can't say it's helped with reducing the appearance of wrinkles or firming, tightening and toning the eye area, but it hydrated the eye area, kept the skin from feeling tight and didn't break me out.

T2 Gorgeous Geisha and Strawberries & Cream
I'm a T2 junkie and after dabbling in supermarket brands I can attest to the difference in quality and the value of buying from T2. Love Gorgeous Geisha strawberry-flavoured sencha longtime and I've learnt to appreciate the caffeine-free Strawberries & Cream tisane with a dash of honey to sweeten.

I've been an avid fan of Masterchef since the first season and I've been reading cookbooks since I was in grade 4 so I have fun following along.

We found this sombre film on Netflix and I found my mind lingering on the topic for quite a few days after watching this doco about orcas/killer whales in captivity and the tragic deaths they caused and the circumstances which allowed that to happen. It affirmed my resolve to boycott entertainment involving animals in captivity in such conditions, like circuses and American SeaWorld. The film left me spooked and I still think it's eerie but so informative and raises awareness.

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