Friday, May 29, 2015

Sweater Weather

Since my last personal post I've been busy doing class readings and attempting to study for finals and taking care of an issue with my Maltese/Shih-Tzu dog Toby so we've had to go to the vet a couple of times. I want to go for a haircut soon and I have a few friends with twenty-firsts around this time of year so that's always good fun. Busy busy busy. And I didn't forget- there's a May favourites coming!

Fun with the film camera. I've got a couple of shots left before I have to take my current roll to Kmart's Photo Center to get those done.

Some turned out better than others. I think the effect is so nice!

Trying to think up a Pinterest solution to use these photos in something other than frames.

I love the effect the film camera and the curtains lent to this photograph! Doughnuts make good on-the-go birthday cakes.
Impromptu flatlay when I was rummaging through my bag at Uni on a particularly gloomy day. Soggy toes are not fun.

Saving ticket stubs to stash in the storage pocket of my 2015 diary for memories. We clearly love Southbank Cineplex. The random little stub is from watching Paper Planes at Yatala Drive-In Cinema. Kingsman: The Secret Service is my favourite so far.

The sky reflected in the lake at Uni and the toes of my annual pair of boots.

Australian McDonald's introduced a new way of ordering- this involves customising your burger with a touchscreen station and they'll serve it to you on a little board with your fries in a hip metal basket. The filling options are a vast range and you can choose from bakery bun, brioche or lettuce wrap (the paleo option!) and build your burger as you like. Talk about upscale... I would rate it one level below Grill'd but it's definitely tastier than Maccas standard burgers. When you takeaway it comes in these long boxes with your salad and sauce on one side and your Angus beef patty and cheese on the other and you sandwich it yourself.

Walking to the Green Bridge and passing the strange facade of AEB on campus.

Made a GIF for the first time! Post on these products here.

SO FUNNY my boyfriend Peter wore my fitbit in a 40-minute competitive amateur league basketball game and this is the result. He racked up more activity in less than an hour than I do in 2 days!

Handy dandy iHerb orders! They stock Kettle chips! In flavours Australia doesn't have! Who knew? I wanted Alter Eco chocolate as well but you can find it in Coles here.

2 packets of Kettle chips (I've tried Maple Bacon and I wish it had more maple), the thing I really made the order for: the Queen Helene Mint Julep Masque in updated packaging, and a cute measuring cup freebie.

Made tiramisu for a belated Mother's Day dessert. My favourite way of making it involves a marsala-infused mix of Italian meringue and zabaione, coffee-dipped savoiardi and I added a fine layer of chocolate curls this time as well.

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