Wednesday, June 10, 2015

Mermaid Vibes

Exams have hit and at UQ we're currently in the middle of swotvac. The one week where half the student body are partying, while the other half are committing hari-kari with the stylus of their transformer laptop. I thought I'd update with a few photos of what I've been up to and I'll post about something exciting when the exams are over and the month-long winter break begins.

Sister's sneaky sniping at brunch. Mouth half-open, mid-complaint about being hungry and wondering where our parents were.
In comparison, my ray of sunshine of a sister.
Fried eggs and savoury mince on rye and the jamon croquette with homestyle baked beans and bacon on sourdough.
Keeping things in view has been so important for me lately and keeping up-to-date by tacking things to the wall at my desk has been fun and helpful and makes my workspace more inviting.
Cinnamon toast and eggs on toast at the Lakeside Cafe. 
Soup of the Day is back at Cafe Nano for winter! Soup, and bread and butter for an extra 50c! The best kind of cure for winter munchies.
Dad went to Sydney for his quarterly business trip and brought back Bourke St! The closest thing we have to Bourke Street Bakery in Brisbane is Chouquette but it's not the same.
Prune and Pedro Ximinez tart, Ginger Brulee tart, White Chocolate & Passionfruit Meringue tart (my favourite!) and Almond Croissant. 
Ordered a Frank Green Smart Cup from The Natural Supply Co for my boyfriend. Awesome service and a great product. I was keeping tabs on O&M and Bite Beauty (in case they had a sale!) when I found the fresh design of the Frank Green travel mugs and they're perfect for winter.
Dark chocolate blueberry muffins with a Cadbury Dairy Milk Caramello surprise in the center. I'm not 100% happy with the bake because I warily followed the recipe and baked them at the specified temperature and and it was too hot so the muffins cracked but it's okay because they're pretty darn tasty when microwaved warm and fluffy.
Gorgeous winter mornings studying on campus. Pelicans on the lakes!
Going to get a haircut soon because the mane is getting a little wild. I can't settle on a daily style, be it straight or wavy so I rock its natural texture 99% of the time.
What do you get for the girl who has everything? I had a wonderful experience ordering from the In Bloom Flower Delivery Co who delivered these gorgeous blooms to my high school best friend as an early twenty-first birthday present to add something special to her birthday week. I have a patriotic soft spot for Singapore orchids. They managed my order with amazing service and my friend was so happy! For a flat rate of $45 delivering market bunches to the Brisbane/Gold Coast area, they're definitely one to recommend.
Getting my notes organised this semester has never been so fun before- I love the productivity that an arch-lever binder and hole-punching my notes has instigated.
All in one place!
I've found that pen and paper is the best system for my brain and kikki.K pens and the humble biro are things I've been loving to help me revise and remember what I've learnt. (Ballpoint pen, for those who don't know. I know I certainly was baffled when I arrived in Australia in 2003 and turned up to grade 4 and words like 'biro', 'nico' and 'tuckshop' were foreign.)

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