Thursday, June 18, 2015

Study, Eat, Repeat

Besides making up batches of granola and granola clusters, I've spent the past week being anxious and stressing about exams, then stepping away from the cramming to do other things (like attend birthday parties and professional meetings), before going back to the books to study for the next one and I seem unable to extract myself fully from the cramming headspace; I guess it's a good thing, because I don't think I've ever been this studious in my life. I've been pretty Type-B about my studies until last year because the fact that graduation is in sight is enough to frighten/give me a boot up the ass to put more effort in. I was too busy to watch State of Origin with friends- hopefully I'll be able to join them when the third game rolls around!

Making granola with cinnamon/vanilla/maple/peanut butter/blueberries for the first time- forgive the mixture of oats- I know they're meant to be exclusively rolled oats. PS: Doesn't the brown sugar look cute/funny in the balled-up tablespoons?! 

The finished product: a good breakkie bowl! I made a second batch but in clusters and more toasty- it's so good with almond milk!

We went to eat a dumpling dinner at New Shanghai and had berry bingsoo for dessert at Passiontree; it was completely and utterly unnecessary because when we got to my friend's 21st at the Stock Exchange Hotel there was a tonne of amazing food (and the open bar)!

Dogsitting our friends' Maltese-Shih Tzu. His name is Zac, for Zac Efron.

The entire time he was at our house he was antsy to go home to his own family; his family say he's a real homebody.

Coffee from Merlo and soggy toes on campus; first day of final exams! Sally Hansen's Game of Chromes on the nails for a birthday bash.

Soup of the Day at Cafe Nano! Stats and Applied Research Methods subject that took me back to grade 8 with square roots and standard deviation. There was even a bit of long division!

A colleague celebrated her 60th birthday at Dad's work and one of the girls made a sparkly pink-purple ombre 2-tier cake covered in edible glitter. She's so talented! 

Snack central. Sugary cake isn't exactly brain food...

Painted on my face for my first meeting with my placement/internship/work experience supervisor that I'll be working under for the rest of this year! Decided mineral makeup really is my favourite base- in both finish and application. And affirmed that Laura Mercier Secret Camouflage truly is the best blemish concealer for angry chin buggers.

FJ's watermelon & strawberry in Myer Centre- disappointed in my choice because it was pretty weak. I'd go for something like apple and mango next time for more punchy flavours.

The view's not too shabby from here: studying at BSQ library before my meeting downstairs.

Wild mushroom and truffle potato gnocchi from Benfatti (translates to Well-Made) at the Jan Powers Farmers Market! I was drawn to this particular gnocchi stall for a quick lunch because I love all things Italian and they seemed to be having a slow day- though the paella was tempting and the German sausages are almost always irresistible. I didn't include a photo of the dish because it looked quite dull. Delicious but overpriced at $10 for tiny portions.

Darwin's coffee, Sushi Deli and past exams in the Zelman Cowen building.

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