Friday, August 14, 2015

She Cooks, She Eats

This is a photo post that is mostly of food I've made and eaten. I've been quiet on the blog front lately because I've commenced corporate work! It's my first time working 8 hour days and it can be quite exhausting so I'm getting used to that. I only have classes on one day of the week but it's a full 7 hours without a break so I have to sneak in a quick lunch between sessions or my stomach will make disruptive grumbling noises.

Tried making white chocolate fondants with a spiced raspberry coulis. It oozed but the cake caved in a bit when I cut into it because I had trouble figuring out how long to bake them for. 

Harvested sweet potatoes from our backyard garden to make sweet potato chips for my dinner that night!

'Unfortunate' cookies that only produced about 4 passable shapes because forming the fortune cookie shape while the biscuit is hot proved really tough.

Made strawberry daifuku! I didn't have 'anko' sweet red bean paste to layer between the fruit and mochi so I bought mango vanilla ice-cream to eat it with.
Made fresh pasta! My pasta maker's roller is broken so I roll it by hand but the cutters work fine so I use the machine to cut them.

Homemade tomato sauce pasta is possibly my favourite food.

Vanilla poached pear and brown-butter vanilla custard tart! I wanted to try this pastry recipe because I'm on a ChefSteps kick at the moment and it worked terrifically. 

Made custard tarts with the leftover pastry and vanilla brown butter egg custard. I love that you can see the flecks of vanilla seeds, and the result was very similar to 'dan tart' from yumcha.

Growing sage, Italian parsley and basil! They're coming along really nicely now.

Made a bulk batch of waffles and froze 16 of them to have them as toaster waffles whenever we want. I love love love that it's strawberry season. 

Went back to The Walnut at Royal on the Park for dinner with family and had Milly Hill lamb and this Ebony and Ivory chocolate mousse. We love their seafood tower for 2 and it comes out on a huge 3-layer high tea stand and has all this amazing hot and cold seafood on it. 

My brother bought us French Patisserie macarons with a Scoopon. They were all really nice apart from the green pistachio and the purple lavender ones.

Working in the city means I can duck out to my favourite haunts during my lunch break and this cafe is a real gem hidden at the bottom of a carpark ramp. They make the best hot chocolates around.

Visited Apples on Ainsworth in Salisbury for breakfast on my mum's birthday. Apples is a tiny local cafe in a converted greengrocer with a vintage air. It was my second time there and I got something more basic- it was average. Mum really liked her red rooibos ginger cinnamon tea and thought the vibe was interesting so it wasn't all bad.

Standard breakfast at home- organic berry yogurt, frozen raspberries, chia seeds and banana.

The Japanese Garden at the Mount Coot-tha Botanic Gardens on the Ekka public holiday.

Had brunch at Botanical. It was alright- packed with families with small children on the public holiday.

Tried Underwood's Grilling Art for dinner and declared it the best burgers on the Southside but they don't compare to NKB Express (Westside) or Miel Container (city). I had the Americano and Peter had the Art B.o.B. and they were tasty but the burgers weren't as juicy as the others we love, and the chips were dry.

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