Monday, August 24, 2015

These Are Addictive

August so far has been an overwhelming month, full of change and transition. It's been an emotional rollercoaster but filled with blessings like good food and great friends! Most recently I've been watching The Legend of Korra, as a followup to watching Avatar: The Last Airbender last year (I didn't want to watch the sequel right after finishing the first series because I thought it was weird; I was still emotionally attached to the first round of characters), and we returned to Victoria Park Golf Course's 18-hole putt-putt mini golf with a bunch of friends, and had round 2 at good old Maxy B's (Max Brenner) for hot chocolates with crunchy waffle balls. I mention these because I haven't recorded them by way of photos, but here are a few photos from what I've been doing for the rest of August!

Poppies from Daisy's at Toowong for my sister! So sculptural and pretty.

She went a bit nuts with macro settings on her phone and got some wallpaper-worthy shots!

Made our way up to the Newstead Brewing Co. for a friend's 31st birthday and it was honestly one of the best nights I've had with this beloved bunch. We had a great meal of pulled pork chilli cheese fries, buffalo wings with nacho crumb, pizzas, drinks and interesting beers before going to one of my favourite dessert places in Brisbane (its status is purely for its authentic Italian roots), La Macelleria Gelateria. If you're ever in the Teneriffe/Newstead area and you get the chance, visit the Matteos and try their Bo & Bo! Mascarpone gelato with homemade 'gianduia' Nutella never tasted so good!

The meal that we shared among 4 and my LLB because I'm a wimp and don't like beer all that much.

Standard breakkie bowl! Love love having frozen berries in the house! Having yoghurt and fruit with chia seeds spooned on top kicks off my day with a properly satisfied stomach.

An absolutely delightful pastry stall with a tower of $6.50 lamingtons in a variety of flavours and a spread of cakes that looked delectable at the Jan Powers Farmers Market on Wednesdays. During my half-hour lunch break I strolled around for about 20 minutes before seeing the queues and decided to choose what to buy for lunch by how short the wait would be because I had to get back to my desk. I had chicken chorizo paella and it was very very good.

I've featured my chocolate chip cookies on the blog so many times now- one of my favourite food-related moments is having one of these cookies when they're freshly baked and still warm; crisp, chewy and smelling so good!

I made the cookies and a batch of brown-butter blondies with triple chocolate chunks and pecans (they were 'deadly', as my boyfriend would say) for one afternoon when the girls from church got together at a friend's house. 

Chicken skewers at Bird's Nest Yakitori! We had the 7 skewer set and yaki onigiri (grilled rice balls brushed with tare sauce) and it was so yum. My favourites were the chicken tenderloin with wasabi mayo, the chicken wings and the cherry tomatoes wrapped in pork belly. I really liked the yaki onigiri too but not everybody felt that way. I'm heading back there next week!

'Chicken tail' skewers, which are just multiple chicken butts strung and grilled. I could only stomach one of these fat morsels before getting rid of them (thanks brother!).

I made a sour-cream chocolate cake with Ferrero Rocher and berry Eton mess. It was initially 6 layers but I took the top 2 layers down because it was almost TOO tall. I had made meringues a couple of days prior and she had eaten the pretty ones so the ones topping the cake were only second-rate. 

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