Thursday, September 17, 2015

Cinnamon Buns and the City

I've been having a pretty cruise-y couple of weeks but Uni assessment tasks are looming and the weather is warming up, which makes me sad because I do love winter so. I've been trying to get my fit and healthy state going- eating breakfast quite loyally, and I've declared my love for ALDI before but I discovered their Just Organic Muesli Clusters with freeze-dried berries and it is SO GOOD (I like it with almond milk for the taste). I've also been trying to keep up with the Kayla Itsines' BBG- it's so tough that I do about 10 mins before feeling too lazy to press on but I'll keep trying. I hope I manage to endure this as a long-term fitness initiative and make it part of my lifestyle so it's not a passing fad, because it'll help me feel better and have more energy overall. That being said, the majority of this post is carby food, as usual...

The Doughnut Bar's setup in the city is so cute! The fairy lights and bar set up makes for such a nice escape from the office. I keep meaning to venture over here during my lunch break but the $6 doughnuts are all the way across Queen Street Mall; it's a long walk.

I've been trialing and loving Vera Wang's new Princess fragrance- Hippie Princess is very heavy on the mango, and I like mixing it with other scents- I've really liked it with Marc Jacobs Daisy as well as my Etsy White Peach perfume oil and the scents last longer than usual went layered over one another!

Celebrated my boyfriend's 25th birthday with presents (a fun accessory for his espresso machine) and returned to Bird's Nest Yakitori! Although they lost our reservation, we were quickly seated at the bar (where we wanted to be) without any awkwardness. The food isn't too expensive and it was a really nice experience. For those with more money and better alcohol tolerance, drinks and grilled skewers would make for a great night out with friends! I want to try the High Ball with Japanese scotch next time I'm there.

Face mask collection! I've been loving clay masks to help my problematic skin. The FAB one is almost empty but they're all fantastic. I find I prefer clarifying clay masks just for my skin type but the moisture masks are good for bitterly cold winters.

I've been obsessed with baking bread lately, and I like using the dough to make cheesy herb buns or cinnamon scrolls. These cinnamon buns with maple almond glaze were good but not my best. 

Awful arancini from the Jan Powers Farmers' Markets at Reddacliff Place. One was supposed to be mushroom and one roma tomato, and both were meant to be stuffed with buffalo mozzarella but they were dry and tough and tasteless and fried so poorly that they were greasy. Ew.

I first tried these adorable shortbread biscuits at the Sisters' Afternoon Tea that I mentioned in my last personal post, and the friend who made them sent me the link to the recipe. This was the first time I used camomile in cooking or made proper shortbread and it was so easy and so yummy! I loved the way the heart-shaped cutter made them look- so sweet and dainty!

Cheesy herb buns for school/work because it's super easy and completely worth the effort! 

The muesli I mentioned above with halved strawberries, almond milk, organic berry yoghurt and chia seeds! LOVE this for breakfast- I actually look forward to breakfast because this is so yum. 

My boyfriend came to meet me during my lunch break and we went to Miel for burgers- deemed our favourite burger joint but not the most convenient of places because it's in the city and driving/parking is a nightmare if you're just popping into the city for a meal.

Love the $10.50 custom burgers at Miel- the chips are so good too! Miel in first place, NKB Express in second place, and all the others we've tried trailing behind. 

Impromptu flatlay at work with my late lunch from the weekly Wednesday farmers' markets- I've been treating myself to a nice lunch every couple of weeks- I really enjoyed the paella, but the arancini and the gnocchi I tried were unspectacular. German sausages from market stalls are reliably delicious and juicy- this one is a cheese kransky and it was good but a bit too big for my appetite. Carrying it back up to my office in the lift was a bit awkward because I had to make sure it didn't come into contact with anyone.

More cinnamon buns - these ones were made with Dan Lepard's cinnamon bun recipe, instead of a bread recipe stuffed with cinnamon sugar and butter like I've been doing in the past. I've tried this recipe before and it turned out really well- I think I'll stick to the dedicated recipe from now on! The main differences are adding a bit of sugar and using egg and cinnamon-and-spice-infused-milk instead of water. The dough turns out a lot more tender and sweeter. 

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