Wednesday, September 30, 2015

First. and Fine Foods

Since my last post, I attended two beautiful weddings of 4 friends, traveled up to one of Queensland's most prominent tourist beaches for a geography field trip and ate some great food- I even made my own date and chia muesli and cooked dinner a couple of times. We're currently on 'mid-semester break' if you can call it that when it's 10 weeks into a 13-week semester and I have 1 day of class so I get all of 1 day's break. Working the rest of the week per usual is less than relaxing but I'll get used to it. I've got coffee and good food to power me on!

Coffee from Genie's- a cafe I've never tried before! It was alright- nothing to write home about.

Quick Maccas breakfast before uni with my sister - I was a hotcakes girl until I was introduced to McMuffins recently- and I think they're so good! Don't get the white hot choc mocha- it's a bit funky. I'm sticking to no syrups henceforth.

Studying for a quiz at the Rooftop Cafe in the Colin Clark building. The atmosphere is nice and laid-back and they don't rush you out of the place if you want to stay for a while. 

Teary face after a beautiful wedding! (And those threaded brows I mentioned in my last beauty post!)

Coffee Square for Saturday night supper with friends - coconut milk with grass jelly and crushed ice, Milo frappe and lemon Ribena- and the guys ordered fried mantou bread and 'mini silver thread bread roll', both with condensed milk, because sadly they don't serve French Toast after 9pm. We were planning on having Hot Star afterwards but we were too full.

Went up to Noosa at 5:30am for a field trip for a geography elective I'm taking this semester- it was meant to go for the whole weekend but I only went for a day trip because I had a wedding to attend. We were studying tourist movement and the number of visitors to the beach- and the commencement of school holidays meant there were indeed A LOT of people at the beach.

The prettiest cove and the finest day.

Visited Graceville Fine Foods deli for coffee and cake after passing my driving test and getting my P's! (My parents had the day off and they were so happy.)

The white chocolate raspberry cheesecake was a standout, with a good biscuit base and lovely flavours but the lemon meringue tart and the chocolate mud cake weren't very good. Coffee wasn't fantastic either. 

Takeaway ramen at work! Honestly one of my favourite meals.

We couldn't decide on a cafe for Saturday brunch so we went to Maccas instead- hotcakes and a sausage and egg McMuffin! I won a 'Sports Session' with the Monopoly promo... I have no idea what that consists of.

We ventured east one day in the holidays. (I live in the south-western suburbs and my boyfriend lives in the south so visiting somewhere north-east was quite an adventure.) My strawberry tart from the Belmont bakery which the girl damaged when she was putting it in the box before it got completely wrecked in the car on the way to the beach.

One of our friends told us about this place, First. and we decided to check it out but we were underwhelmed- service was brusque, the coffee wasn't amazing and the place was literally a hole in the wall- a window that she runs out of the bicycle shop. I'm sure it serves the cyclists sufficiently but considering the drive out east, we won't be back.

One of my favourite on-the-go meals we've picnicked with so far! Right up there with banh mi thit and doughnuts. We revisited Natsumi, which we believed had moved from Rochedale South to Belmont but we now think they never moved at all and they simply opened up a new shop at Belmont. 5 trays of delicious rolls- the Angry Crab (soft shell crab and lobster salad) was definitely the star, and the Sunrise roll with avo, prawn and salmon was really nice too. They're in the Entertainment Book and present their takeaway really impressively. 

Our lunch view.

You could walk out on the sand bank to the little island and we did- though the walk could be quite rocky from shells and coral so I'd advise not going barefoot if you don't already have callouses.

An awful storm started rolling in from the west in the afternoon- it was still sunny on the east but purple and stormy on the west so we got in our car and drove out of there as soon as we could- we ended up hiding out in Westfield Carindale while the storm passed so that we wouldn't risk driving far in the storm or getting hail damage. 

Whilst at Carindale, I got my free deluxe mini hand creams from L'Occitane as part of their Facebook giveaway! Vanilla Bouquet and Delightful Rose scents packed with 20% shea butter content for a winning formula in a cute tin.

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