Sunday, October 25, 2015

I'd Rather Be Blogging

It's Jaracanda season! Spring blooms are synonymous with crunch time for university assignments and exams and I haven't had a lot of time to blog about beauty products so this is going to be a personal post- my usual slice of my life via photos and captions.

Met Tasha of shiwashiful fame for Kiss The Berry acai bowls before The Doll Connection bloggers' event on Saturday! I've wanted to visit KTB for lunch but it's all the way across the city, and it was located relatively close to the event.
Regular-sized Original and Aloha Tropical bowls! They are very messy to eat initially because the fruit is wont to tumble out of the bowls but I really enjoyed the frosty acai blend on the bottom and the crunchy granola and the fruit. I'll definitely be back if I'm on that side of town!

Fish and chips lunch at the The Doll Connection from the Stockie Kitchen at the Stock Exchange Hotel! The eggplant lasagne looked really good too.

Sample bag haulin' from the event! I'm particularly excited to try the Zassni Orchard Dew Botanical Facial mist, the Korean Brightening serum from Petit Bonheur and the Trefiel mask!

Tried The Doughnut Bar after finishing class for 2015! By no means done with assignments or exams but I thought finishing class warranted a celebratory treat. I've tried most of the notable doughnut vendors in Brisbane and I was keen to add this to my list.

I was trying to decide between S'moreo and Golden Gaytime but I ended up going with the Buttered Toast because this flavour's on its way out. Regular round doughnut, with buttercream and burnt butter glaze. The serving girl warned me that it's definitely for butter-lovers and I can testify to that. This is a burnt-butter lover's dream. While I enjoyed it, I'm a little less enamoured of burnt butter after eating this sugar bomb. 

Black, grey and mint Adidas Ozweego runners from DFO just in time for my first gym appointment tomorrow!

Genie's cafe with my sister and her free Boost.

Adorable Zac playing with his bone by himself.

Finding bargains around my work in the CBD- breakfast of bacon and soft egg breakkie burger with a cappuccino from Meat and Eat!

Revisiting Angels on Bare Skin cleanser! I absolutely loved this cleanser last year so I bought the full size because I needed to shake things up and take a break from the Biore Combination Skin Balancing Cleanser after a year of using it.

$6 Subway lunches! My brother tells me it's a bad deal because I could get twice the sandwich for a dollar more but I prefer the drink and cookie.

Morning tea from Cafe Brisbane. Great coffee and brownie but mediocre counter service. 

My boss bought us all gluten-free cinnamon sugar donuts from the markets downstairs!

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