Sunday, October 18, 2015

Spring Resolutions

Life has been good- lots of skincare action, good food and great friends. I love Brisbane weather from March-October when it's on the cooler side and this affects my mood greatly. I don't like Brisbane's warm weather because I never know how to dress for the heat.

My 'healthy' lifestyle motivation comes in fits and spurts and recently I've been motivated to do more about it, like picking up the BBG circuit training and eating less refined sugar and carbs and drinking more herbal teas. Whether it's sport or solo workouts, I'm not naturally inclined to get up and at 'em. I'm more inclined to the less athletic types of workouts like pilates, yoga, jogs/running or circuits- you know, so you don't drag other people down with you in your lack of athleticism.

I'm not making a drastic change to my diet because I don't think I would have the willpower to stick to it. I'm just cutting a few things out and consciously choosing the healthier option when I can. Eating a good breakfast helps me not to snack and while I absolutely love my cappuccinos, tea is where it's at. I consume much more water when I have it by my side, and a 1L plunger of green or herbal tea with lemon and ginger is a habit I'm glad to have established. Having said that, this post does contain a cake pop, a Magnum and some other treats so I'm not being all that good.

I'm going to buy more activewear, little socks (that don't show) and running shoes because at the moment I have to borrow most of the gear from my sister. I'm thinking of getting the clothes from Forever 21 because Lorna Jane is just ridiculously expensive. What do you girls think?
Dogsitting Zac again while his family's in Malaysia and took him out on a walk to his old stomping ground. 

The king of all the iced chocolates: 36% milk choc iced chocolate from Noosa.

Family dinner at Cafe Les Amoureux again! We had tarragon chicken with a side of rosemary fries, the grilled salmon special which was the only decent thing on the plate because its 'cucumber salad' wasn't pickled so it was really quite bleh, balsamic lamb cutlets and duck maryland with cherry sauce and lovely buttery mash.

Tried my hand at brush lettering with this Tombow pen - I went into Eckerersley's to get a Copic marker but was directed to these because the sales assistant recommended this for beginners. I'm still trying to figure out how much pressure to apply to get the thicks and thins with my writing.

I'm going through a bagel phase right now - ordered the onion bagel with chive cream cheese from The Bagel Boys on Adelaide St twice in 3 days for a light lunch/tasty snack. Also discovered watermelon juice from FJ's.

Standard breakkie: organic berry yogurt, chia seeds, my own maple + date + chia granola, almond milk and golden kiwi for breakfast. I switched phones to a Nokia Lumia which runs on Windows OS and the app store doesn't have VSCO! I decided to buy Afterlight to try it out but the filters suck and come out very obviously filtered. I'm going for that no-filter filter look, y'know?

Star jasmine in bloom that grows over the fence and spills into our backyard! I absolutely adore the scent of jasmine and it's one of the reasons I love spring.

Tried my first cake pop! I really like the candy melt coating. Flipping through the Lorna Jane catalogue and having a yummy watermelon mango juice from FJ's.

Snack chips at Grill'd to kill time while waiting for family to show up in the city for dinner.

Cute personal touches at Malt Dining.

Veal chops with funghi and porcini croquette which was alright, and crispy skinned barramundi with pea textures and smoked eel brandade which was even better.

The best Magnum they ever produced. I love everything about this flavour! Chocolate ice cream in a white chocolate coating with cookie crumbs.
Matcha Latte with what must have been very lazy potato/tomato 'art' and a pot of houjicha roasted green tea at Ku-O.

The Doll Connection ticket arrived! I'm excited for my first blogger event- it'll be such a new experience meeting other bloggers, especially since I'm not posting as frequently as I used to...

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