Tuesday, November 24, 2015

Counterproductive Habits

So I'm contemplating doing 'blogmas' this year- because my readers can't wait to hear about my new favourite lip liner, obviously... (Not joking about finding a new, pretty lip liner though) I'm adjusting for a work-life balance and that involves treating myself to online shopping, coffees and junk food because 'I push myself so hard at work', going running, forcing myself to eat superfood salads for lunch and starting that cycle all over again. Not looking forward to hot, humid summer months and needing to epilate my legs all the time... Talk about a first world problem.

Lakeside Breakfast with my sister before our exams!

Honey bread from Passion Tree! We had the Citron Crush bingsoo which was also delicious, though we took most of the candied citron peel out before we mixed it up. No deal for the Red Bean patbingsoo though, it was not to my taste. Coffee and chocolate cake were alright, nothing special.

Eating clean- steamed broccoli and carrot with pesto pasta for lunch while studying at home!

Graphic cup designs from Dramanti- love their city shop for delicious, reasonably priced breakfasts.

Toby wanting some Doughnut Time. I tried Doughnut Time for the second time from the Indooroopilly store and I'm not blown away by them. The doughnut craze is waning for me.

Made a batch of brownies that took ages in the oven but came out with an amazingly crunchy top and moist almost-gooey innards! I bought the Hummingbird Bakery Cookbook and their recipes are my favourite to read because the quantities have been listed in a metric/tsp system that makes baking super easy to understand.

Dinner at New Shanghai to mark my starting work full-time!

Colourful cups from Quattro downstairs at work. Coffee isn't great there, but I have been partial to their ham and cheese croissants.

Vapiano for lunch! The carbonara was goood. 

Balancing cardboard drinks carriers while walking all around the city: am I Andy Sachs yet? 

Got my team Noosa Chocolate Factory 36% iced milk chocolates for Mondayitis and I got myself the 29% white chocolate flavour because I wanted to try something new- it's so good!

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