Sunday, November 8, 2015

Loving Food Too Much

Being counterproductive is the only way to describe my lifestyle in the past two weeks. I've been working out, going running with my eager little dog, but I've also been eating not-the-healthiest food! I had a dear friend check in with me on my healthy lifestyle change thing that I claim to be attempting and afterward I had a long hard think about what I'm doing. My problem used to be motivation to exercise, but now I've been exercising and I've not been motivated to eat healthily.

Basically I'm going to try to go back to 'eating clean', which by my definition is cutting out processed foods and sugars and making sure all my main meals are at least 50% vegetables, have some protein (egg, chicken breast, lean meat) and don't have a tonne of sugar or bread. And I love bread. That makes me sad. Regardless, I've got some yum-worthy photos (and some unrelated to food) since my last personal post, so enjoy!

Spent the afternoon at the Northshore Riverside Cafe for coffee and cake and the cruise ship we saw at Portside during lunch was setting sail so we saw it pass by covered with its passengers waving and watching the shore.

Gluten-free hazelnut & chocolate cake, caramel macadamia tart in a chocolate pastry shell, apple pie which was declared one of the best we've ever tried, and a lemon curd tart. 

My brother's girlfriend prepared the most amazing fruit platter. The effort...

Went back to SONO for lunch this time, and I had the Bento with softshell crab, tempura, teriyaki chicken, buta kakuni slow-cooked pork belly and sashimi!

This little garden was outside a quaint Italian restaurant and one of the staff came over when we were commenting on our favourites because it was his garden and he chatted with an adorable/hilarious enthusiasm for his babies and all the 'friends' that he was expecting would spring up soon.

Taiwanese breakfast at Halftime Tea Bar! I loved the fried rolls on the far right. Their warm milk tea was honestly the best milk tea I've ever tried- definitely want to go back sometime.

Some of my Cotton On Body activewear order! I got two pairs of black capri pants, cardio run shorts, two sports crop bras, and a tank top at 30% off! I love the feel of everything at this point, so we'll see how they fare.

Matcha green tea soft serve from Toowong and a Nutella cronut with a Nutella injectable from The Doughnut Bar!

I have two favourites from the supermarket right now: Dark Chocolate Maltesers. I don't know why it took them this long to get around to it but these are seriously good.

The other supermarket favourite I've been absolutely loving this Peach soda water from Schweppes. It's not sugary sweet, instead it's delicately peachy and delicious.

Trying a new face mark and face mist from the bag from The Doll Connection and a new hair mask from L'Oreal's Extraordinary Oil line! I used a L'Oreal Paris Preference Glam Lights kit in No. 4 for brown hair to DIY balayage for some dimension in my hair. There turned out a be a lot of product in one kit so I wound up putting it all on the lengths and tips to colour it and it's mostly brown at the moment, with some caramel-brown highlights where it's still the natural colour. I'm Chinese and my hair is naturally black so dyeing it any colour at all involves some scepticism at the capabilities of a hair dye from a brand directed at Caucasian colouring but it did quite well to lift my natural black to a warm brown, which I was after. 

Visited Cafe O Mai in Annerley for breakfast with this one and we had a little wander around the neighbourhood because the cafe quickly filled up and got a bit too loud to chat in. We found a cute little Indian salon called Grace Beauty and Hair which specialises in eyebrow threading and impulsively decided to get our brows threaded. 

I quite liked the food but next time I'll drop by at lunch when I'm in the mood for pho or banh mi thit because their breakfast was pretty standard. The iced coffees could have used more condensed milk. Aunty Five's Claypot Baked Eggs with lemongrass sausage, bacon and tamarind sauce with sourdough toast | Vegie Delight of poached eggs, chilli jam, mushies, avo, tomato, baby spinach and sweet potato fritter with sourdough  toast | Vietnamese drip coffees with condensed milk over ice

Ordered an All Black Original from The Horse for my boyfriend Peter because our anniversary's coming up and he hadn't been able to settle on a watch that he liked! I think the big-analogue-face trend is appropriately unisex and goes well with men's formal attire. I got this one from Beginning Boutique at a friend's recommendation. Highly rate their express shipping!

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