Friday, December 18, 2015

V | Present Wrapping

I love presenting gifts in interesting ways, like in an upcycled box or a pretty ornament. This post combines my love for gifting and decorative elements (pretty much exclusively kikki.K) in a few ideas of gift presentation. I love swaddling presents in boxes, paper, ribbons and gift tags and just like how Masterchef has taught us about presentation being key to good food, the wow-factor presents can be attributed not just to the thoughtful and lovingly prepared gift, but also to the presentation.

In addition to cute or classic festive wrapping paper, objects- particularly functional ones- can be used to present simple gifts. As I mentioned in my gifting post, a candle can go from 'yay' to 'WOW' if presented thoughtfully. I would buy a pillar candle and place it in this geometric copper/rose gold candle holder to give to a dear loved one because it makes much more of an impact than giving a regular candle in a glass jar. I was given the Paper Lover's Book (Christmas version available here!) from kikki.K for a birthday present in April and its 3 themes and styles of gift tags, wrapping paper, stickers and notepaper and coming very handy for showing love to those near and dear. Adorable gift tags and beautiful wrapping paper go a long way to make presents more presentable.

Double-sided patterned wrapping paper and adorable swing tags!

Adorable boxes or baskets can also help - this L'Occitane Irresistible Favourites box from the Christmas release was a present to my sister and it didn't need wrapping because the box was beautiful and already had a ribbon on the top. In the same way, placing some locally sourced jewellery or small gift in a beautiful box can make it more memorable and show that more care was put into that gift. In high school for birthday presents I would pack together miniature birthday hampers on short notice- going to the corner store and choosing an assortment of treats, putting them in a box with some coloured craft tissue and they were always well-received. If a box isn't quite your style, a generous-sized platter (for next year's turkey, jam, seafood spread or pav!) or plate is just as wonderful. If you'd like to get more creative, a tall jug to serve sangria in could be filled with the makings of sangria- don't forget the wooden spoon!- just like the mason jar chocolate chip cookie kit was so popular a while ago. There are so many ways to jazz up presents and help them go down even sweeter than they would originally- the trick is finding what style suits you best and how much time you can invest in beautifying your gifts!

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