Saturday, December 19, 2015

VI | Had Me A Blast

Since finishing school for the year, I've been busy planning 12 Days of Christmas blogposts, working and enjoying date nights with my boyfriend- we've been treating ourselves to visiting new and favourite restaurants on Friday nights. I'm hurriedly getting this post in because I've been extremely stressed at work with everybody going on holiday, and unfortunately I haven't had time to take photos I'm happy with for my content. Hope you enjoy these photos and seeing a bit of what I've been up to in my down time!

Saw the Taylor Swift 1989 World Tour with 4 awesome Swifties and had the best time! Our seats were really good and that helped a lot. She's so cute and adorable and such a showman. 
Needed to do some day-to-night action for a midweek show of Les Miserables (we booked a Wednesday night show thinking we'd be free because of Uni holidays) and I bought this at Mecca on the day because I didn't bring any eyeshadow.

One of the best avo toasts I've eaten! Not bad, Cafe Brisbane.

Dreamy kikki.K order. I love the watercolours and soft blue of the Be Brave collection!
Bought myself a new pair of TOMS on casual Friday because my feet hurt from wearing heels all day and I was looking for a present for my boyfriend at Hype DC.

Malaysian food at the first PappaRich in Brisbane! Some things were great- I liked the satay, laksa and my watermelon Ribena lychee frappe. The roti and teh tarik weren't great- almost clumsily made?

Writing cards over breakfast for one at Brew.

Koko Black for work gifts!

Cheeky iHerb haul because I needed a new buffing brush and liquid foundation brush. I want the Zoeva Rose Gold brush set but I can't justify getting all the smaller brushes too because I simply won't use them. I recently threw out some brushes from my collection and I wanted the largest 2 brushes from the set and the Custom Coverage Buffing brush, and it worked out A LOT cheaper than the Zoeva set from not-very-reliable-BeautyBay-and-their-slow-shipping so I threw in some extras that I wanted to try as well! I just looked at their most popular foods and picked from there.

New brushes! Collectively these were about $15-$16 AUD.

More delicious avo toast! They added pomegranate to it this time.

Celebrated our 2 year anniversary with a dinner at Rogue Bar and Bistro! The pork and salad go down as some of the best food we've had.

The HK style street food dessert was great too - every element was delicious on its own- the strawberry mint salad with the chocolate ganache kisses, green tea icecream, cinnamon waffles and hazelnut praline. My dear HK boyfriend says that real HK egg waffles are different - these waffles were basically little cinnamon doughnuts, not crisp hollow spheres.

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