Monday, December 21, 2015

VIII | Interior Design and Tidying

For day 8 of the 12 Days of Christmas I'll be posting about tidying, rearranging and personalising space because it's a topic close to my heart. I've loved having my own room and the space it gives me to make it my own. I recently finished reading The Life-Changing Magic of Tidying by Marie Kondo, world-renowned tidying guru and to be completely honest I have not yet undergone the process of tidying which she advises, but I did enjoy reading the book and taking everything with a grain of salt. 

Gorgeous watercolour cover for the kikki.K edition!

Joy is a pivotal element of the KonMari method of tidying and she advises not to keep anything if it does not spark joy with some exceptions such as valuables and vital documents. Even before hearing of the book and the KonMari method, I loved to throw things out and cull because I hated clutter. Try as I might and hating clutter as much as I do, I don't have the habitual momentum to keep my space tidy and clutter-free. I'll spend the Christmas-NYE break to implement some of the tips and instructions which Marie Kondo promises will turn my life around. I don't know how much of my life will change- certain things I've loved doing, such as recycling candle jars into pencil holders and making my room pretty with dishes, vessels and ornaments. 

IKEA Kallax 8-square shelving unit with colour-coordinated books

Repurposed IKEA candle glass jars and a kikki.K planter

I like coordinating the colour scheme of my bedroom almost seasonally if I can, though I'm quite partial to soft and pretty blues and white. My favourite budget quilt cover to date is this one from IKEA that was ridiculously cheap at under $10 AUD and it's got a lovely pattern of lotus flowers. Despite having a very 90s-00s wooden bed-frame which I haven't gotten around to sanding and repainting white, I like the look of white bed linen with this quilt cover for a pretty and understated addition to the vibe of the room.

$9.95 IKEA quilt cover set in a pattern which I absolutely love!

One of KonMari's lessons that I've started up in my life is creating a place for everything and although I've had some trouble figuring out where to put my bag when I come home at the end of the day, I've been able to find a home for my daily jewellery. The little blue dish is in fact the saucer from the kikki.K ceramic planter and it's been repurposed as a home for my watch and Pandora bracelet after a day out. Similarly my hair products have found a home on the decorative white plate because I can't hide them away when I use them so frequently. When everything has a home it's much easier to put things away and tidy up, and I'm finding it truer than ever now.

My makeup storage solution has been puzzling for a long while now, and I was happy with the wooden drawer system but I wanted something more streamlined. I found these plastic trays at Daiso and they perfectly fit some things like the lip products, eye makeup and face makeup. Brushes and cheek products don't fit quite as perfectly but I'll figure something out. I've had to cull my collection quite a bit in order for it to fit into these trays but it's compact and doesn't take up much space at all. I still use the wooden drawers but I've placed them on the floor of my wardrobe instead of on top of the dresser and the drawers hold backup products, samples, things to try and everything has been sorted into categories- skincare, makeup, travel. I love the storage solution I have right now as everything has a home and it's compact, streamlined and very affordable.

I'll dedicate some time to culling my belongings and hopefully I'll be able to implement much of the KonMari method in an attempt to tidy and stay that way. I find her joy principle for keeping belongings quite worthwhile as I find I don't even miss the things I threw out in regular clean-outs in the past, and I wasn't even considering joy at the time. I look forward to how much tidier my life will be and how much clearer my mind will become once the space I live in is free of unnecessary noise and clutter.

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