Wednesday, December 23, 2015

X | New Years Resolutions

With 2015 coming to an end, I decided to post about my resolutions for 2016. I've already made some preparations for the new year, including a planner and a new bag (shoutout to my brand spanking new beige Longchamp Le Pliage!) and I think that making goals for the new year, especially when they're related to the content on my blog, is a good thing to post about.

After reading this book, I became a bit more motivated to tidy up my possessions- I still live at home so the only space to call my own is my room and it is already a spartan space because I cull quite ruthlessly but I think that by taking the principle 'does it bring you joy?' with a grain of salt I can still find some things that I keep out of obligation rather than joy. I'm not intending to deviate from Marie Kondo's instructions but I don't believe that adhering to what she says, especially when I don't have own all of my living space, is healthy either. I'll have a look in my things and be sure to throw out things that I don't use and won't miss because I honestly believe that clutter contributes to more clarity.

I bought my pretty planner from kikki.K and posted about it here but I'm hoping that it will help me to stay on top of things and plan better for the year. The 'cute' printed annual planner is truly adorable and the rest of the planner's tabs are so clear and organised. The year I had a 'daily view' diary it backfired on me because I wasn't looking ahead at deadlines or when I was scheduled to meet up with people and I felt less than on top of things so I've always bought weekly or monthly view diaries since then.

Capturing Memories
I've popped the little Projecteo in the photo to be representative of capturing memories- beyond just Instagram and extending to capturing memories for the sentiment. Time passes so quickly- I can hardly believe a year has passed since last Christmas/NYE so capturing memories is fairly important to me. I haven't been taking as many photos this year as I normally do, and I switched phones from Android to Windows and I didn't take as many photos as usual because Windows doesn't have my favourite editing app VSCOcam but I've since switched back to my Android phone.

Brush Lettering and Typography
I love the creations of Jennet Liaw and Chrissy Colen among others and I recently invested in a Pentel Aquash brush pen and some black ink so my sister and I are all set up to do some brush lettering on watercolour backgrounds for her Christmas and birthday gift idea. I adore the look of typography and brush lettering and I'm hoping it's just a matter of practice.

Letting Go
Similarly, I've popped the mirror into the photo to be representative of my self-image. I have obsessed over skincare for years now and conversely my skin is far from perfect. Given, a pretty stressful job and not a lot of sleep contributed to my breakouts but I've been more active and I've been consciously eating healthier food but I want to stress less about my skin because I think that might help too. If anything is going to help my notion of self-image for skin and weight, etc it's stressing less about it.

Hope your Christmas and New Year holidays are merry and full of memory-making! All the best for the new year! xxx

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