Monday, February 22, 2016

Four Seasons

Work, wisdom teeth surgery and the annual Bible Training Conference have kept me busy in January and most of February, but I've been saving snippets of things to post in this update! I've got some exciting products to share in a Favourites post soon so that's coming in a week or so. Once again, as I am wont to do, I will mention the weather; it's been hot and humid and honestly it feels like we don't even know what summer is, because some days are almost exactly like our famous perfect Brisbane winter days (windy but sunny and not too cold, in case you don't know what our famous perfect Brisbane winter is like) and some days are downright unpleasant so I'm going to borrow a line and say we're almost seeing all the seasons in one day. Nevertheless, in the coming months I'm embarking on working most of the week and studying part-time (half the study load) to finish off my degree so here's a good start!

Got my wisdom teeth out and subsisted on yoghurt and smoothies, treating myself to almond milk pancakes one morning. Frozen blueberries are bomb.

Spoilt with Hosokawa for Chinese New Year reunion dinner- best sashimi in town.

Spoilt again with Milany Caffe e Gelato next to Hosokawa on Racecourse Rd in Ascot where the texture of the gelato is the standout. They have insane sundaes that I would definitely try when I return!

Got Toby groomed by a mobile groomer in a blue dog-shaped trailer!

I've been loving redecorating my room and my KALLAX from IKEA! PS: H&M Home has some delightful stuff!

Korean BBQ at The Journey, which my sister declares is the best in Brisbane! Get Set B and the bean paste stew!

Walking to work in the morning ain't so bad with views like this.

The view from Broadwater Parkland on the Gold Coast, where it was beautiful and also technologically superior for its high quality free WiFi.

O-Sushi in Coolangatta that looked better than it tasted.

We only ate at the Japanese place because we were going to visit GELATO MESSINA.

'Nonno Carlo' special of strawberry sorbet with marsala-soaked sponge fingers and vanilla cream, 'Cremino' special of salted caramel gelato with gianduia fudge and amaretti, and Coffee and Hazelnut Praline sorbet. My favourite of these was Cremino but when Messina comes to Brisbane I'll be super keen to get one of their cakes for a special occasion!

I love making and drinking espresso coffee and after 3 years experience I sympathise with hospitality industry workers but baristas simply cannot get my name right...

Had the Hedge Bennie at Hedge Espresso in Salisbury- the coffee was nice but we waited about 20 mins for our coffees and then another 25 mins for the food. It was good, but not worth the wait.

Taiwanese dessert at Meet Fresh- mango milk snow ice is SO GOOD!

Tried the Udder Puffs at Cowch - I usually get the Dip 'n Chill of churros, chocolate icecream and strawberries, but this was really nice! The pastry of the puff is warm and crisp but chewy, and I would get it again but definitely say no when they try to tempt you with a whole pot of DARK chocolate and chocolate on top of each puff because that was a major rookie error.

Bought a teeny 6' fruit sponge for a CNY gift for my boyfriend's family- love Sunni Bakery and their on-the-spot cake detailing like coating the sides with toasted flaked almonds or chocolate sprinkles and writing on the top.

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