Monday, April 18, 2016

I Don't Know About You

I haven't posted a photo update in a month so I gathered a few of them together so that I could get this post up before I write about my birthday festivities! I turn 22 on the 20th and because my family's all over the place we started celebrating on the weekend. Juggling study, work and life- the Easter break was a nice time to get away and we saw some beautiful scenic places and ate some great food. There are some good movies out too- I highly recommend Zootopia!

Motto Motto soft-serves are so good! This is matcha-vanilla marble. The last time we got these we got stopped by 3 different people asking where we bought our ice-creams from because there isn't anywhere else in the Garden City dining precinct to get ice-creams.

Discovered GYG grilled chicken salads and I haven't looked back! This was the first time I tried it and I chose it in spicy chicken but it was too hot for me to handle so I get regular grilled chicken salads instead. They're such a good filling meal- one of my favourites before BSF at Toowong.

Beautiful views out over the Sunshine Coast Hinterland from Montville.

At the Glasshouse Mountains lookout during the Easter break!

Breaking waves at Mooloolaba.

Tried scroll ice-cream and it was so disappointing. They make it out of view which takes away from the whole experience, and the texture of the ice-cream was sticky and stretchy and melted so quickly. I ordered Milo-flavoured ice-cream with Golden Gaytime crumbs as a mix-in and they dipped the rim of the bowl in Milo powder but the mixture tasted like straight vanilla. I thought it wasn't worth the money ($8!) and I will be sticking to regular scooped ice-cream now that my curiosity has been sated.

Underwood's fancy Maccas where they serve your food to your table, give you silverware instead of plastic cutlery and dish out Western Star Butter for your sourdough toast! We tried the Cafe Breakfast and the usual favourites. All-day hotcakes are one of my favourite things mmm.

GHD IV Styler and gift pack! Still standing by what I said about this being a good investment.

Hatchy date night before the movies - I had the best chilli, herb, lemon and prawn pasta dish here last year and they've revamped it and added crabmeat and zucchini in the form of 'courgetti' but it wasn't as good as last time. I tried Stone and Wood's Pacific Ale for the first time and I really liked it! The sad little milkshake is the Strawberries and Cream mocktail- that was a lapse of judgement.

At my regular coffee shop when they got my name right! I didn't even have to spell it!

The Burrito Bowl at GYG with a side of guac was good too. Love their tortilla chips but I think I prefer the salad!

Vietnamese rice paper rolls spread at home.

Revisited NKB Express before I had an optometrist appointment at Bailey Nelson - we got the Greenwich, the Meatpacker and a pink lemonade. I feel like the portion sizes have gotten smaller but they're still very good!

Ate at South Side Diner before seeing Batman vs Superman: Dawn of Justice- we had our first dinner date here so it was interesting to be back! I had the mac n cheese the last time we came and only ate half of it- and this time I didn't do much better. I love mac and cheese but it's steaming when you dig into it and then as it cools it gets a bit stodgy and dry which isn't as nice, and it's so filling that I can't get through the whole pan. The Philly Cheesesteak was really good though, and the Hank's Root Beer and The Hills Apple Ginger Hybrid Cider were really nice.

Bacon and egg toasties at Lakeside Cafe! Nadine's mocha came in the funniest cup that looked like an egg-cup.

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