Monday, April 4, 2016

March Favourites

I wrote this post up and realised I'd forgotten to include an intro so I've come back in to say hi and start this off properly. March was a long month for me, but with the Easter break it flew into April quicker than I expected. I was feeling spendy and bombed out on some splurges- though concert tickets for my boyfriend's birthday later this year were a present! I decided to invest in my skin a bit more- SPF, less makeup and I'm currently trialing Mario Badescu's Enzyme Revitalising Mask in an attempt to fade some spot scars. It's no surprise that I'm struggling with my skin but half of March was spent battling some serious spottage on my face- I'm talking like 5 monstrosities that took a good week to heal and will take a month to fade, hence the efforts to amp up skincare game. My hair on the other hand, is well-taken-care-of after a trip to the salon where I got 99% of my split ends cut off and a nice fresh trim. I've started styling it and I'm much happier with where it's at now.

GHD IV Styler
GHD Paddle Brush
I got my hair cut at Studio Brisbane on Adelaide Street and while I badly needed the trim (darn split ends), I was also informed of an offer they had involving a GHD IV Styler with the Heat Protect Spray and Paddle Brush for a good price so I slept on the decision and went back to get it the following day. I've been using it about 4-5 days of the week since and it's been love. I've wanted one since high school and I'm so glad I took the plunge and got it because it's a whole world of difference away from my Remington cheapie. The paddle brush is also amazing- it's a very big brush, and I was thinking of giving it to some friends who are sisters and have much longer hair than me, but I found it wasn't too big for my hair and it's smoothing and soothing on the scalp- such a good brush!

bhave Fresh Ends
When I sat down in the salon chair and explained what I wanted and my hair's history the first thing the stylist did was to ask what I'm doing to fix the damage which occurred as a result of the box dye balayage job from last October. I was told to continue doing hair masks and to use leave-in conditioners and treatments to remedy the split ends and damaged hair shafts. She used this product on my hair after the cut and I liked how it smoothed the hair and treated the ends. I recently finished up my mini bottle of Moroccanoil and this has replaced it as a treatment on its own or after a quick run through with the GHD. It smooths frizz, makes hair feel healthier and more nourished and generally more akin to salon-fresh.

Hada Labo Cleansing Oil
I got this in my Sasa order and I've been enjoying using it to take off my makeup. It can take off very waterproof mascara, which is commendable, and I like that removes makeup quickly and washes off without leaving a residue or needing a flannel. If you don't understand the writing, I don't either, but I just dispense 2+ pumps into my palm and massage off makeup, rinse and continue with the Benzac cleanser that I mentioned in my last favourites. The consistency is more fluid than real oil, e.g. olive oil, and when I was checking out which cleansing oil to get I read that the DHC Deep Cleansing Oil cult classic was a lot more like real olive oil and contained a lot more real olive oil than this one, but I wanted to try this and I'm not disappointed by it. DHC is next on the list!

Crystal Body Deodorant Travel Stick
I had no idea what this was or if it was going to work but this almost-hippie, natural alternative to Nivea deodorant has won me over. I was struggling to find a deodorant I liked that didn't discolour the skin of my underarms and I tried the Nourish Organic Almond Vanilla as a poor man's substitute for Lavanila Vanilla deodorant but I didn't like it at all- it was sticky and I realised I didn't want a vanilla deodorant after all. I bought this on a whim from iHerb in my most recent order for tea and snacks and Method cleaning products; after trying it out I think it works extremely well- it's very effective at muting odour and only a bit more high-maintenance than a normal deodorant (the process of wetting the crystal- I've been giving it a spritz with one of the Thermal Water Sprays I have lying around from gifts with purchases).

Cetaphil Suntivity SPF30 UVB+UVA Ultra-light Fluid for Face
I neglected SPF for a while because I ran out of my old favourite from Biore (available in Asia only) and I had a backup which went missing when my sister took it to Thailand so I was on the lookout for a new sunscreen that could fill the Biore-shaped hole in my routine. It had to be lightweight, not clogging on pores, have a high enough SPF to be safe under the scorching Australian sun and not make me more oily, so those were some big shoes to fill. This one ticks all the boxes, with a weak yes on the last point as it doesn't mattify like the Biore Perfect Face Milk did. Despite that, I think it's a great product because it feels weightless on the skin. I still struggle to remember to apply it but the pros of sunscreen outweigh the cons immensely- protection from sun damage and sun spots, protection of hyperpigmentation from scars left behind by spots which would get worse if exposed to UV and benefits related to ageing which I'm not too concerned about at this stage. The only con is literally the step of applying it. Galderma, the brand who make Cetaphil and this sunscreen subsidiary of Cetaphil, also makes my favourite acne treatment- the Benzac AC acne gel with 5% benzoyl peroxide. Killin' it.

Kosmea Rosehip Oil
I cracked this open after my sister took the Thursday Plantation Rosehip Oil away with her and I like what rosehip oil does for my skin and this is a good one. Rosehip oil helps replenish and nourish skin like nothing else, and I find having one around is so important. I have found this one tends to stain my pillowcase a bit, but I haven't found a way around that apart from washing them regularly.

Citrus Zinger Water Bottle
I've seen a few of my friends own this bottle and I didn't have a regular reliable bottle so I found this from a little Asian shop in the city! It allows for half a lemon to be juiced straight into the bottle, and the lemon half can be left in the bottle to infuse into the water. I won't always include lemon, but I like having the option. I also have an Aqua Zinger bottle made by the same company but I prefer this one because I haven't really figured out how to make the most of the other one- it infuses all fruit except lemon. I even watched the instructional video! When I find out how to make the most of the Aqua Zinger bottle this might change.

T2 Double Wall Flask
I was on the lookout for a good thermos flask for the upcoming cooler months because I drink a lot of tea and my boyfriend kindly got me a little T2 care package when I was recovering from wisdom teeth extraction, and it included this flask! The mechanism is fantastic and it holds just the right amount and keeps things very hot for a very long time. This style of T2 infuser is made fine enough so that the finest pieces of tea cannot get through, which is perfect.

H&M Home Quilt Cover Set
My final favourite is the background I was using for the photos- a quilt cover set from H&M Home. My sister commandeered all the cute linen in the house so I set out to buy myself a new quilt cover set and I went to H&M looking for a grey quilt cover set with a geometric pattern (this one!) but I came out with this white on white one instead because they didn't have the one I wanted. I find these are even better than expected because they give that pristine hotel-bed feel and I love that!

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