Monday, May 16, 2016

Current Favourites

I've been loving brush lettering with watercolour cakes and black ink, brightening skincare, face masks and stationery, so this is a post all about them.

Rifle Paper Co Botanicals Collection Notebooks
Pentel Aquash Brush Lettering
These gorgeous notebooks were a gift from my godsister for my birthday last month and I think they're so aesthetic and joyful! That, together with the brush lettering I did for the top photo, have been making my desk area look so much prettier. I haven't decided what to subject these notebooks to as they seem too pretty for University notes but the covers alone do so much in my eyes.

Elizavecca Milky Piggy Carbonated Bubble Clay Mask
This mask was discounted at W Cosmetics, which persuaded me to take one home but the way it bubbles up on the skin is simultaneously perturbing and amusing. It's a good one to pull out on a girls' night in- I don't have Snapchat but my sister had a good time with it. 

Sukin Micellar Cleansing Water*
I posted about a new cleansing oil I've been using but I've also been loving removing my makeup with this Sukin micellar water, which I received at the Doll Connection blogger event. It's scented with vanillin, which is delightful, and it does a very good job at removing a face full of cake-up.

MAC Shy Girl
I picked up Shy Girl recently and once again realised how nice this peachy shade looks. Selective deja vu seems to happen every few months or so with lip products.

kikki.K Medium Textured Ice Blue Personal Planner
I've been using my planner faithfully since I bought it and posted about its unboxing. I've been enjoying filling in the time planner pages, as well as the miscellaneous details such as lists of shops and restaurants, To Do lists and notepaper for odd notes.

Aesop Breathless Body Souffle
This was a gift from a dear friend and like everything in Aesop it is polarising in its apothecary cocktail of essential oils. Most nights I'll go for something no-fuss but I have been enjoying using it some nights because the scent is calming.

thankyou Eucalyptus Mint Hand Sanitiser
I've been going nuts with hand sanitiser because I've been nursing a cold recently and I try to wash my hands as much as possible but I always carry this around with me and I find myself reaching for it often. I think it's my favourite hand sanitiser yet- I do like supporting the thankyou brand and I'm enjoying the minty scent of this one.

Mario Badescu Enzyme Revitalizing Mask
I bought this mask to help skin cell turnover for the hyperpigmentation on my cheeks and after a few months of owning it I have a love-hate relationship with this mask. I believe it does fulfill its claims and exfoliate the skin with fruit enzymes but it caused me to break out- I suspect this is attributed to the high oil content, or the irritation it may be inflicting as it does its enzyme tingle chemistry but I keep trying it out and going off it, and trying it again.

Petit Bonheur Mugunghwa Brightening Serum*
I also received this at the event late last year and cracked it open recently when I didn't have a serum in my routine. It was from a little-known company called Petit Bonheur and I wasn't expecting much from it but it has made such a big difference to my hyperpigmentation and spot scars! It claims to help with moisture, smoothness and whitening and I can attest to all of those things, though it did take half the bottle and regular use to see visible results. I haven't had much motivation to explore serums in depth but whenever I have been using one, I've enjoyed good skin so I suppose this serves as a reminder to keep a serum in the routine.

*Product provided for consideration

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