Wednesday, June 1, 2016

Autumn Chills

Posting an update with another wave of food and haul photos! Sorry for my erratic posts - I've been balancing an office job with part-time study and while I've been making some interesting purchases here and there, it doesn't leave much room for dedicated photographing and picking products apart the way I was afforded when I was a student. I've made a few purchases and I've started taking zinc supplements, which seems to be helping my skin out! I'm considering omitting dairy from my diet but I love my cappuccinos and melty cheese so I have too many soft spots to give up dairy for good. I had a cold, got better, and I'm nursing a second bout of the cold so this week I found some time to get these photos together. Hope you enjoy!

Visited Sonder in Sunnybank with a friend and we tried their premium green teas and their desserts - I got the anmitsu (agar agar jelly, red bean paste, mochi rounds, matcha ice cream and kuromitsu brown sugar syrup) instead of one of their parfaits that are so popular on Instagram because I was recovering from a cold and didn't want the cornflakes or vanilla soft-serve in the parfait. I love their crockery and the vibe they're trying to achieve but it's so busy and noisy that the ambience of an intimate, cosy cafe just wasn't there. 

Mini masks from the Origins Mask Marvels - I've tried both the Drink Up Intensive and Clear Improvement but I wanted to try Original Skin, and an SK-II sample from my Sephora order and some samples from a L'Occitane gift I bought for a friend.

Bought some big Original Source shower gels- I've tried a few and these are my favourites. Vanilla Raspberry smells like candy and Tea Tree Mint is fresh and zingy.

Made some investment piece purchases from ASOS- the Barney's Originals leather jacket was mentioned in my birthday post and I got this Ultimate Parka in Berry with gold hardware for winter because it's been shockingly cold for autumn so winter is expected to be even more chilly.

For my first ever Sephora order I ordered a full-size Caudalie Eau de Beaute because I got a 15% off discount code in an email and I hadn't used this since I used up my mini bottle in 2013! I also got a Zoeva 127 Luxe Sheer Cheek brush because I wanted this from the Rose Gold set but I can't justify getting the full set (>$100! I don't even need most of the brushes!). I tried it out but popped it back in the packaging to take this photo because I thought the pouch was a nice touch. I will be putting it to use carrying around Nurofen and tissues in my bag.

Bought 1kg of strawberries from the Jan Powers Farmers Markets which are directly downstairs at my work and made a Strawberry Charlotte! Marsala sponge fingers and strawberry semifreddo topped with fresh berries and meringue kisses. It was very well-received!

Went back to Cowch after watching Captain America: Civil War at Southbank Cineplex and made Peter try the Udder Puffs because I liked them so much last time. Strawberries and milk chocolate are the best combo.

Mother's Day Lunch at Oishii Sushi Bar - the White, Black and Red Dragon rolls.

iHerb tea and snack haul, and some Chemist Warehouse half-price makeup purchases and my thoughts on what I bought; I've tried all the teas and love them, I recently discovered spreading peanut butter on cut-up apples and I LOVE that combo so I decided to try one of the many varieties of peanut butter from this Peanut Butter & Co brand - they do a maple PB and a cinnamon and raisin swirl PB as well! I didn't like the vegan 'aged white cheddar-style' puffs but the pita chips kindof taste like barbecue Shapes with a nicer crisp texture. The Maybelline HyperSharp Wing liner came highly recommended by Lena and I got the Rimmel Match Perfection foundation in103 True Ivory because I was sent a bottle in bad shade match and both the liner and the foundation have been really great!

Hanaro Mart lunches at work - they changed their kimbap supplier and I don't like them as much as the previous kind. 

Savouring one last UQ chips and gravy before I finish my final semester (God willing I pass everything)!

Went for a run with my dog at 6am and saw the sunrise.

Visited Australia's #1 cafe Coffee Anthology with Mel - there was a looong queue.

1+1+1 which was not on the menu! Secret stuff - the cold brew and the milk coffee were so good but I wasn't a fan of the espresso.

Granola with berries, coyo pannacotta and passionfruit curd. I didn't MIND it, but I would have preferred the avocado bruschetta with 63-degree eggs and I should have gotten that instead.

Coconut chia pudding with poached pear and passionfruit curd.

Melody doing her thang - she gave me an impromptu mini workshop and it was the first time I've sat with someone and had them correct my technique to master the basics, and it was really helpful! We visited Eckersley's and I went to Dymocks later that week and got a Rhodia paper pad after trying hers and finding it so smooth to write on. Practice, practice.

Latest in cafe-worker-attempts-to-get-my-name-right: I even spelled it out for them and they ended up with CHURINE. The barista picked up the cup and asked me 'so, what IS your name?'

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