Monday, June 20, 2016

Who You Gonna Call

I heard about Zoe Foster-Blake's brand Go-To Skincare a couple of years ago but it wasn't until I ran out of my bottle from Kosmea a few weeks ago and direly needed a replacement that I placed an order. They are cruelty-free, natural and free of mysterious wonder ingredients, and backed by a beauty editor with a career of experience and a hilarious husband to boot. I decided to try the Face Hero facial oil as well as the Very Useful Face Cream because I'm running low on my First Aid Beauty Ultra Repair Cream. I passed on the other products as I have a cleanser which works very well for me, I use great exfoliating swipeys from Nip+Fab and while I would like a new serum. they don't make serums. I was very tempted by Lips! but decided I didn't need a fancy lip balm, even if the packaging is adorable. That goes for everything that Go-To do; the packaging is crazily cute and very fun. 

The products came in a slim whimsically orange box in timely fashion- the products bubble-wrapped and a Go-To fortune cookie tucked in the package. It only took a couple of days for postage and they kindly left instructions on the front label to the postie, asking that the package be left out of direct sunlight. I also got a number of emails about its delivery. Cute packaging full of whimsy.

I've been trialing Face Hero for a week now, and I've liked the results. I haven't used many facial oil blends as I usually go for 100% rosehip but this leaves the skin plump, nourished and non-greasy. I use it in my evening routine and it absorbs nicely overnight. I see it as an all-rounder of a facial oil instead of something which targets a problem, e.g. even skin tone, brightening, moisture. It dabbles. I'll keep using it.

The Very Useful Face Cream is sitting tight until my FAB Ultra Repair Cream dies but I did test it out and I found it's a lot thicker than I expected. Despite the consistency it absorbs into the skin surprisingly quickly and I'm looking forward to using it. It doesn't smell great, but it doesn't smell terrible either. Check out the website for more information but Go-To create their products with almost exclusively natural ingredients. The skin around my cheeks has normalised since I had bizarre dry patches earlier this year but the skin around my eyes is getting drier with the cooler months and I'm being a horribly lazy beauty blogger by using my face cream around my eyes, as opposed to buying a dedicated eye cream. I'm sorry to say that I'll probably use this moisturiser in the same manner. I should definitely get an eye cream- if you have any recommendations, leave a comment below! All in all, I've had a positive experience shopping Go-To's products and I've been won over by the adorable packaging and whimsical approach to skincare. I really like what I've tried but I don't think I'll be placing another order in a hurry.

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