Tuesday, July 26, 2016

End of an Era

So comes the time to move onto a new chapter- I graduated from my undergraduate degree last Tuesday! I LOVE that I can look back on my last few years as they've been documented on my blog - I feel like I've changed significantly. I was working a few hours a week as a waitress in a bistro for the first three years of my degree and I put all the money I earned towards makeup and food. I'm actually glad to say that this is no longer the case! What blogging and Instagram don't show is the real life that goes on beyond the lipsticks, cleansers and cafes, and the money and work that goes into producing content. I love blogging and I love trying out beauty products but they don't take pride of place in my life because in letting them go, I found so much more.

Very blessed and thankful not to have to cram for exams or spend late nights and early mornings on assignments anymore!

Graduated from UQ with a BRTP!

Corbett & Claude with Jo - the bread and dips were my favourite part.

Avo bruschetta with 63 degree eggs and impeccable coffee from Coffee Anthology with Daphne and Mel before work!

Went to Jo's bridal shower and had so much fun experiencing one for the first time!

Beautiful high tea spread for the bridal shower at the Four Points Sheraton.

Daphne was taking photos and Peter got out his phone to use the torch for lighting LOL

Brought Peter to Coffee Anthology and he's fallen for it so hard! The 1+1+1.

Bought Pana Chocolate and Pukka tea from Biome and Northanger Abbey from Dymocks when I walked out of my last exam! The chocolate was a bit dark for me because I love white and milk chocolate but I would recommend to those seeking a healthier or more interesting alternative to dark choc! Booked tickets to Singapore with my sister for January; so keen to be back!

Made this chocolate cake with peanut butter cream cheese frosting for the church bake sale! My sister and I went a bit crazy and made strawberry Nutella danishes, pandan chiffon cake, strawberry cream cheese cupcakes and lemon chamomile shortbread hearts.

Went to Natural Bridge for YF Camp and got to break in my camera on beautiful scenery.

The Milky Way was so visible!

Long exposure shots in the dark sky made it purple.

Les Bubbles again and the fries were even better this time around! 

Visited Ave' Cucina in Coorparoo on a day off and had their Lebanese Breakfast of spiced potato and egg scramble, haloumi, za'atar Lebanese bread, house-made chilli hummus and Mediterranean salad. The interior of the restaurant is gorgeous - it's been done up like an upscale Italian restaurant, which is a stark contrast to the other neighbouring shops.

Peter had the Rosaria's Eggs Alla Fiamma, which were baked eggs in tomato sugo with crispy prosciutto, chilli oil and parmesan as recommended extras. I really liked the flavour of the sauce but the little dish was full to overflowing and that was a bit messy. 

If you're still reading, thanks! I really like doing these posts but I haven't been taking as many photos as I used to- I feel like between work in the city and various commitments I may not have as many things to take photos of! I'll try my best to keep blogging so we'll see how I go!

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