Monday, August 29, 2016

Light Tunnels

Apologies for my sporadic blogging! I've been busy and a bit sleep-deprived. Much has happened since my last post! I've seen two concerts, celebrated a wonderful wedding, seen a few movies and started celebrating Peter's birthday week! Trying to be content with where I'm at in life instead of wishing to be 5 years ahead as I know it will pass quickly and I should savour each stage as it comes.

Bought Peter tickets to Macklemore and Ryan Lewis for his birthday! Fun light show during Thrift Shop in his big coat.

He threw a cookie across the hall- he was aiming at a fan near us and another fan caught it and we all flipped out that you could throw a cookie that far.

Love my KeepCup Brew - I like the glass better than the plastic because it doesn't retain any residual taste or scent!
Bought some new goodies and trying some that have been around for a while! Bought a non-waterproof mascara for the first time and keen to try the anti-pollution face mask. Loving Klorane Oat Milk dry shampoo- Priceline do 2-for-1 packs and I got them in the Brunette and regular versions!

We heard Miel Container - Premium Burger had a couple of exciting burgers we hadn't tried before like one with a big fried ball of mozzarella and one with a prawn pattie and we ended up ordering the exact same burgers we always get.

When the barista poured me a swan and it was such a nice change to the usual city coffee joints that serve workers.

Visited Pacific Fair with my family and hit up Sephora for a Tarte blush! Also got an amika leave-in cream for Daphne because her hair, like mine, has been bleached dry.

Celebrated Mum's birthday at Salt Meats Cheese where the pasta and gnocchi were yum, the cheese and meat board was good and the pizzas were disappointing. Their famous squid ink pizza with lobster wasn't very tasty or crisp. Would not recommend. I enjoyed the Somersby Pear Cider though, even though it rekindled my Asian flush/itchy reaction and renewed my belief that I should stay away from alcohol altogether.

La Marzocco foosball table! I don't know why or how a coffee machine brand created table soccer equipment... The 4217 (where Salt Meats Cheese is) is a bus interchange and they have games like giant Jenga and giant Connect 4 to entertain kids and big kids.

Daphne redeemed her free birthday churros at Chocolateria San Churro and we shared some extra plates of churros but they brought hers out with a sparkler! What service for free churros.

Met Huldah for coffee at Felix for Goodness! I've never eaten food at this cafe before so I was pleasantly surprised with my eggs on toast - the pickles and preserves were a nice accompaniment and the whole dish was done quite well.

My cappuccino and Huldah's matcha latte in cups with an adorable shade of blue.

Attending and helping out at a friend's wedding- the day started very early, hence my face. Bought new sunnies from Quay because I didn't have any sunglasses to wear when I wear contact lenses- I love these ones! 

We grabbed pastries from The Whisk Fine Patisserie and went to Hallowed Grounds for coffee because they do it better there. I also had their avo toast and it was pretty nice.

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