Saturday, October 8, 2016

The Ascendants

I have a new bag! I was on the lookout for a higher end 'investment' bag to use when I wasn't carting around umbrellas and water bottles and tea flasks and Bible in my Longchamp Le Pliage Medium. I've wanted the Michael Kors Selma for a long time but now that every second girl on the street has one I can see how it wears (not as well as I'd thought) and I don't think I could part with that much money for a bag. I had spotted a gorgeous tote from Status Anxiety on Instagram's Suggested page once and regretfully I didn't see what it was called (and I still haven't found out what it was because it's not part of their current range) but when I was browsing their offerings this one caught my eye. I graduated from Colette by Colette Hayman bags to my Longchamp Le Pliage earlier this year when I got my first full-time job and it's been very good to me but it was time for something new. I ordered it on sale from Rushfaster and it came in a record 3 days(!) which made me very impressed by AusPost.

This is my new baby (the first being my Kenwood Chef Sense), and it's called The Ascendants. I like the gunmetal hardware and the chunky zips on the front, which remind me of the Phillip Lim 3.1 and the trapeze wings reminds me of the Michael Kors Selma but the crossbody style is so practical for my upcoming trips to Melbourne and Singapore. It's got the main compartment and a slip pocket which perfectly fits a phone and paper ticket stubs and some card compartments inside- I could do a post on what's in my bag if you'd like. I love that Status Anxiety is a high-quality brand with a solid following but isn't one for monograms and kitschy prints. The leather is so timeless, and so is having it in not-boring old black (if it ain't broke why fix it, right?) and it feels so luxe and well-made and hopefully it will last. The strap is adjustable with the little studs (visible below) which is a relief because I only viewed the bag once in David Jones a while ago before buying it and being able to adjust the length to wear it over the shoulder or crossbody is a good flexible option. It's a great value-for-money option and I'm so happy with it!

Hello Le Pliage. I carefully chose the beige, long-handled, medium Le Pliage because I wanted an affordable 'nice' bag for work that could be used for every kind of occasion. I will still use this for work because it fits everything from lunchboxes, multiple water-bottles and Tupperware of chocolate chip cookies to shopping and my camera bag but the seams and corners were fraying and the nylon was attracting stains more than ever after I try to clean it. I do like the fact that it was waterproof and doesn't have a cloth lining because I've had containers leak on me on the way to work. I'd definitely repurchase (maybe from duty-free!) when this one really can't take any more because the way it folds up is amazing for travel. I usually travel with a suitcase to check in and carry on my Country Road bag and when I get to my destination I don't have a bag to use daily so the folding quality of this bag is half the reason I bought it.

Am I becoming 'a bag person'? Two bags a 'bag obsession' do not maketh and I don't think I'll ever entertain a bag fancy like ChaseAmie on Youtube but it's nice having a pretty purse to carry my things in and to jazz up my very no-fuss outfits. The Mulberry Alexa is the dream but that... well, I can keep on dreaming.

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