Saturday, December 31, 2016

Best of 2016 | Moments

2016 has been a big year for me- marking a period of transition from University student to full-time work, one of lots of family bonding time, quality time with loved ones and appreciating what I've been blessed with. As always, NYE is a time to reflect on the year past and look forward to the year ahead. God willing, 2017 has some big shoes to fill!

1. Family
We took a couple of family trips this year, once down the coast to Broadbeach and once to Melbourne and the Mornington Peninsula. We haven't gone on a family trip in some 3+ years and the quality time away was so enjoyable.

Daphne in the Carlton Gardens, VIC

Daphne in Carlton, VIC

Another thankfulness moment this year was my parents buying me a standing mixer which I'd been wanting for years as a graduation present. I chose the Kenwood Chef Sense because we got a great deal on it and it's more reputable than Kitchenaids. I also got a Braun stick blender and both have served me very well so far.

2. Rest
Without assignments and exams to work on after I finish work, sometimes I don't feel like doing anything but flopping down to a long nap. Occasionally we ventured out to seek some R&R by escaping our usual scenery and it was so rewarding. GoMA has an excellent exhibition on right now celebrating their 10th birthday which I would highly recommend. Tangalooma was also an amazing local getaway. It's not cheap but definitely worth it if you're seeking an adventure close to home without needing to stay overnight.

Fish Lane, South Brisbane

We went on a trip for a day cruise to Tanglooma Island Resort on Moreton Island. Things have changed a lot since I last visited in 2003 but we had so much fun snorkeling and going for a tandem quad bike ride. The staff patiently guided us through everything and we were blessed to borrow a GoPro and shoulder mount from friends to capture some of the sights.

3. Being wowed by creation
On various trips to destinations near and far, I saw some beautiful scenery and each time I was taken aback by how gorgeous Australia is. I am constantly amazed by God's creation and how blessed I am to live in Australia.

Montville, QLD

Mooloolaba, QLD

Burleigh Heads, QLD  

Cape Schank, Mornington Peninsula, VIC

Cape Schank, Mornington Peninsula, VIC

4. Discovering new eats
As always, I love trying new places to eat, whether it's with my boyfriend, or my sister, or friends. I found some new favourites this year - Canteen Coffee and Kitchen in Burleigh Heads, Coffee Anthology on Mary Street in the city, The Survey Co. for a nice dinner in the city, Popolo at Southbank and good old Guzman y Gomez grilled chicken salads and burrito bowls.

Public, Brisbane City

Hardware Societe, Melbourne

Coffee Iconic, Brisbane City

5. Graduation
I didn't think much of my graduation in the time leading up to it because I saw it as something which was overdue (most of my cohort graduated in December 2015, whereas I had to stay back for 2 subjects studying part-time and working 4 days a week- graduating a semester later). Retrospectively I realise it was really quite momentous because I no longer spend my days dedicated to learning in an academic environment, but learning in a working environment where the effects of my actions are very real and I no longer have a safety net. I can see the University lifestyle as a privilege to simply be tasked with learning (although whether the learning equates to being learned is another matter) and I do miss the lifestyle of a University student with the free time and long breaks, but the chance to make a real difference through my work is equally, if not more, rewarding and something to be valued.

Thanks for coming this far with me! And if you've been a long-time reader, thanks for sticking with me for all these years!

Real deep photo looking to the horizon for the new year.

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