Wednesday, December 21, 2016

Melbourne | Day 3

By Day 3 we were pretty tired from walking so much but there was still so much to see and do! This was the last day we would spend in the city as we were leaving for the Mornington Peninsula the next day. We explored Brunswick Street, had a tourist moment in the Melbourne Museum, experienced the Melbourne ritual of Hosier Lane and ate at the much-hyped Chin Chin.

We started the day off by walking through Chinatown and we were meant to eat yumcha at a place called Shark Fin Inn but I was too hungry to wait for it to open and we ate at Killiney Kopitiam instead. It wasn't as good as real Singaporean kopitiam fare back home.

We walked up to Brunswick Street in Fitzroy because Mum recalled there being loads of kooky, unique shops back when she was last in the city on a holiday with us when we were kids. We walked around and had a look but we didn't find too many unique shops. We stopped in a couple of paper shops and small boutiques and we bought some gifts and clothes but for the most part we were walking to explore the street.

Daphne outside Gorman with their funky print painted on the walls of the shop.

A White Walker on some street art. We stopped at a cafe called Rustica and had some drinks and pastries. Everything looked a lot nicer than it tasted.

We went back to the Museum because we'd bought a package deal for the movie at the IMAX theatre which we saw the day before, and we saved the museum tickets for today because we'd have more time to spend there. There were some interesting exhibits, including dinosaurs, insects, marine life, the human body, WWII and a room full of taxidermy animals.

We walked back to the apartments and got ready for dinner. Mum and Dad wanted to eat some 'real food' as they called it so we went to Chin Chin, which came highly recommended from multiple friends including a 'foodie uncle' who calls it his favourite restaurant and we were warned that we'd have to queue for a while. On the way there we walked through Hosier Lane, which wasn't as special as I thought it would be. We were planning to stop by in the morning instead but we found ourselves wandering through it on the way to the restaurant and we decided that was enough. There weren't any images on the walls that really stood out to me but the atmosphere of it was really cool. There was a street artist in the middle of doing something new when we walked through but we didn't have time to stop.

At Chin Chin we queued for about 10 minutes before a host walked down the line and asked how many people we had and he told us 6 people would be about an hour's wait. We stayed in the queue because everybody was keen to eat here instead of moving on to somewhere else, and when we reached the front of the line a few minutes later the same host said he had a booth downstairs ready for us (Daphne and Dad said they both prayed for a table so it was an answered prayer)! We were seated in the Go Go Bar downstairs, which was fine because it was calm and roomy. We ordered lots of yummy food and had a great time. It's a bit expensive for some of their dishes, especially the ones that are more frequently posted on Instagram but I would go back when I return to Melbourne.

Snapper cooked in banana leaves with spices- this was alright but not something I'd order again.

Roti and Massaman curry - I didn't mind the roti and the curry together but we'd defnitely had better massaman curry.

The Son-In-Law's Eggs which I ordered because they seemed very popular on Instagram and they were delicious - soft-boiled eggs which were deep fried and served with coriander and cucumber and capsicum jam. They cost almost $20 which is why I'm hesitant to recommend it wholeheartedly but they were delicious.

Caramelised sticky pork which was my other favourite - I don't normally like slow cooked meats but this was crispy to bite and tastily charred. I'd definitely get this again.

Thai spicy hot BBQ Chicken which Mum really liked because it was so spicy that only she could tolerate it. We lived in Bangkok for a while when I was small and Dad said that this is authentic- just like the specific kind they make in Thailand.

On our way home we stopped by Om Nom Dessert Bar but we were told that they didn't have space until 10pm at the earliest so we retired to the apartment. I had a mission to get some coffee beans for my boyfriend Peter and I had to get it before we checked out so I was planning on getting up early!

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