Sunday, January 1, 2017

Melbourne | Days 4, 5 & 6

Continuing on with my Melbourne travel diaries series, I'm smashing out the last leg of the trip, as Days 4, 5 and 6 were based in the Mornington Peninsula and we spent more time at fewer places. I loved how scenic it was and how cool and chilly the weather was - it was an amazing reprieve from Brisbane's 35-degree summer heat.

Day 4
We were due to check out of our rooms on the morning of the third day and before we had to go I made it my mission to acquire some coffee beans from Patricia, a small coffee joint on Little Bourke St, which was some distance away. I got my coffee beans and we had some amazing coffee from the tiniest shop crammed with office workers on their way to work. I didn't see a single fellow non-worker patron in the shop apart from myself and my sister and Patricia's streamlined system of black, white or filter coffees was something that I've only seen once or twice in Brisbane. I brought my sister and we were joined by our parents who then headed on to collect the rental car and we were on our way!

Our first stop was Brighton beach, where we did some sightseeing at the bathing boxes. It was cold and the wind whipped spray all around and by the time we were done taking photos and had seen our fill of colourfully painted beach huts we were soaked.

We had some fish and chips for lunch and saw this mural.

Stopping by a cherry farm.

We came to a vineyard and sculpture walk destination called Montalto Winery and Olive Grove which had a long walk with sculptures for viewing where we spent a few hours.

We saw a rabbit! We don't often see rabbits in QLD.

The rose gardens at Montalto.
We checked into the holiday home we were staying at and had a quiet night in.

Day 5
We kicked off Day 5 at McLelland Sculpture Park, which seemed to be a popular destination with locals and school excursions as well as tourists.

For breakfast I had a lemonade scone with chantilly and housemade berry jam/compote and a pot of T2 Sencha Vanilla tea while my family had a headstart in the Sculpture Park and I joined them afterward.

We sought after lunch at the Cellar Door at the Port Phillip Estate but casual dining wasn't available that day and the fixed price course menu wasn't what we were looking for. The setting was beautiful and it was so disappointing that we wouldn't be able to eat there but if I ever return I'll definitely have another go at dining there.

Instead we had lunch at Green Olive at Red Hill, a place known for its status as a tourism-business award winner where the shelves were stocked full of relishes and preserves and kitchen utensils made of olive wood. The food was pricey as the portions were small and they recommended ordering 3 plates per person. Most of the dishes were accompanied by preserves which were available for purchase but I wasn't sufficiently enraptured by any of them to make a purchase.

 After lunch we drove to Cape Schank, which had a couple of gorgeous lookouts and a lighthouse. It was super windy and breathtakingly beautiful!

We stopped by a stretch of beach with a yacht club close by and my brother went wading and found a huge starfish with 11 arms. (Sorry I don't have a photo!)

We had dinner at a modern Mexican restaurant called The Milbry, where the chimichurri steak special was the best thing we'd had all day.

Day 6
Our final day in Victoria started with a visit to the Royal Botanic Gardens Victoria and it was so fun! I highly recommend visiting if you're making a trip. The Gardens were definitely one of the highlights.

The current showcase was to spotlight the the Kangaroo Paw so the gardens were full of them!

After the Gardens, we drove back into Melbourne and stopped at Tao Tao House at Hawthorn for lunch but it paled in comparison to yumcha back home. We walked down the street to Haigh's to acquire gifts to bring back for friends, colleagues and family and we bought so much chocolate ($200!) that the salesgirl said we were entitled to a free gift and threw in another packet of chocolate!

That concludes the Melbourne travel diaries; thanks for following along! I hope if you're planning a trip it gave you some ideas! I thoroughly enjoyed my time there and definitely plan to head back soon. Leave me some recommendations if you know of any!

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