Saturday, March 4, 2017

February Favourites

Hellooo! Can you believe March has come, and autumn is here?! I can't! It's still really hot out but let's look past that. This post is all about the things I've been loving in our shortest month yet!

Victoria's Secret Bombshell body mist
I got this from an aunt for Christmas and I really like it! It's not sickly, sugary or too floral. A bit of vanilla, a bit of passionfruit and a little bit green. Since it's a body mist it's quite light but lately I've much preferred it to some of my other floral fragrances. I've really gone off of Elizabeth and James Nirvana White- I had to wipe it off one day after application because the florals were making me nauseous.

Hylamide Vitamin C booster
This was one of just 4 skincare items I brought with me on my trip to Singapore in January and I think it does work to help create even skintone. I don't think it's as potent as the Luminesce serum, but it's easily accessible and I bought it on sale, which sweetened the deal. I've been alternating between it and the Luminesce serum and have seen some great results.

The Wet Brush
My hair is naturally wavy, usually frizzy and a bit unmanageable. I started using the Wet Brush after washes on toweled hair and it's helped to make styling much easier. It detangles and smooths and is much easier to use than a Tangle Teezer thanks to the handle. I bought mine from Sasa in Singapore but you can find it online and in some hair specialty stores.

HadaLabo Sensitive Skin Cleanser and Hydrating Water Gel
I love the Super Hydrating Lotion (Rich), so when I went back to Singapore I stocked up on skincare from HadaLabo. I discovered the Sensitive Skin cleanser which has been my go-to morning cleanser and it cleanses without leaving my skin dry, and I've had much fewer blemishes since starting to use it. I've now ordered the AHA+BHA cleanser and the Hydrating Cleanser for when this runs out. I love that Singapore pharmacies translate the Japanese so that I know what I'm getting because shopping for HadaLabo on Sasa's website was a bit tricky.
The Hydrating Water Gel is a viscous cool gel- feels lightweight on the skin and hydrates more deeply than the Super Hydrating Lotion. It's such a fun product and something that I'm needing with the changing seasons when the dry cold sneaks up on you.

Jeunesse Luminesce Cellular Rejuvenation Serum
My mum bought a few packs of this in a set of other Luminesce products which I tried a couple of years ago and this serum did a really good job of lifting the hyperpigmentation from my skin. A few weeks ago when my main concern was lifting red and brown spots of discolouration from healed acne my dad found one last bottle we had bought and I gave it another try. It's the first product I apply on my skin after a night shower and cleansing my face and I follow it up with the HadaLabo water gel, Benzac AC 5% benzoyl peroxide gel on active breakouts and some Clinique eye cream. It's done a great job to speed up the healing process - it's expensive but it really works.

Crystal Body Deodorant Spray
I switched to crystal deodorant over a year ago and I decided to try the spray after finding the travel sized crystal was a bit finicky to use. I like both to get the job done, but I found the spray is easier to use, though it gets used up a lot quicker. Not going back to Nivea or Rexona though, that's for sure.

Biore Aqua Rich Watery Essence
I've been seeing some improvement in my skin's hyperpigmentation since religiously applying sunscreen to my face (which I should have been doing all along). I was using Cetaphil Suntivity for face and bought Biore Watery Essence after that ran out. I liked it so much that I ordered it from Sasa! The first bottle I bought had a 50% more product, which is why it's huge compared to the standard size. It's refreshing, not drying, doesn't leave a white cast upon application and absorbs easily. It's also a tad more sweat-resistant than traditional facial sunscreen and doesn't become greasy after some wear time. It's not mattifying like the Perfect Milk I used to love, but in this climate I really do appreciate its more moist, cooling texture.

REN Glycolactic Radiance Renewal Mask
I used to love glycolic pre-soaked exfoliating pads and I took a break from them in January and didn't use any glycolic acid products until I got back from my trip. The first time I used this mask after I got back my skin was satisfyingly smooth and exfoliated and I was convinced of the potency of this product. I haven't used it as frequently as I used to when I believed glycolic acid was the solution to all my acne problems, because since taking a break from the chemical exfoliants my acne's cleared up considerably and I feel like hydration and Vitamin C are what my skin needs right now. Instead of twice a week I'm using this fortnightly or so and it produces instantaneous results.

Iced Gems
This plushie from Naiise by Meykrs is an ode to the iced gem biscuits I grew up with in Singapore - and the little fridge magnets that I scattered throughout the favourites are adorable replicas of the real thing. The plushie came in 5-6 different pastel shades - kinda regretting my colour choice! Should have gone with pink. I've got 1 packet left of the biscuits that we brought back from Singapore; my sister and I have been rationing the 6 packets we bought.

I love this new bedding from Target! This is the Sleepyhead print, and I'm just using the pillowcase because my absolute favourite quilt cover is this textured white one from H&M Home that frequently cameos as my background.

Cotton On Body Fresh Grapefruit Candle
This candle was purchased for the beautiful rose gold receptacle and for the deliciously fresh scent. When the salesgirl was pitching them; that they were discounted to $5 with purchase at Christmas and that this was their bestseller I was just thinking of reusing the glass as a receptacle to hold pens afterward. I had a bit of an accident with a tall red pillar candle so I was off candles for a while but this has gotten me back into it!

Adele 25 and Australian Tour
I've been brushing up on my Adele memory bank in anticipation of her Brisbane show! So keen.

New Girl Season 6
I've loved New Girl since it began and Season 6 is no exception. If you're watching it, HOW GOOD HAS IT BEEN?! Hilarious and witty and Schmidt is still my favourite character by far. If you don't watch it, what have you been doing?

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