Saturday, May 20, 2017

Always a Good Time

If you live in Brisbane, aren't you just loving this cool, sunny weather?! We have great weather most of the time, except flood season, and these sunny days are my favourite. Since my last post, I've just been working, getting back into reading, sorting out expired makeup which would add up to a painstaking amount of my University student job earnings and trying not to get so wound up about problems I can't fix. This is a personal catch-up post which is heavy on the food. Enjoy!

Paid a visit to Morning After in West End, which I'd heard about a fair few times but hadn't ventured out to because I usually avoid weekend brunch rush at pricey places. I had a day off and decided to have a wander around town. I brought a book to read, I put on extra sunscreen, and I set off for the day.

I had looked up the cafe's geo-tag on Instagram and these hotcakes were heavily featured. I thought the portion size looked really small but decided to go with them anyway and it turned out the portion wasn't small - the plate was just really big. What made the hotcakes so good were that they were hot, sweet and thick - crisp on the edges but fluffy and filled with blueberries in the middle. The chantilly cream on top wasn't my favourite because I would have preferred ice-cream but I loved the hotcakes and the berries.

I hadn't visited a cafe on my own in years and I quite enjoyed this one.

After watching Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2 we had GYG and tried their fries! They have a spice-heavy, tangy seasoning and they're alright, just different. I love mild grilled chicken salads from them, and their burrito bowls are great too.

Zen Corner do Hong Kong egg waffles and I tried the green tea flavour for the first time! Definitely going with green tea next time too.

Brazilian BBQ's BBQ beef roll with haloumi for a lunchtime work treat from the Wednesday Jan Powers Farmers Market. Very enjoyable but I won't put so much fresh chilli on next time! (I thought it was going to be more like pico de gallo.)

Made pancakes with my sister Daphne for breakfast! We're getting over the notion of expensive cafes because we enjoy making breakfast foods at home, so we've been doing so fairly often.

We went to the airport to pick someone up and it turned out they didn't fly in until the day after, so we went to the DFO at the airport and stopped in at Newstead House. It was a beautiful day.

We drop into Chouquette every once in a while and this time they had strawberry tarts! The last time we went we tried two other cakes and the eclair petit fours and I loved the vanilla eclair so we got it again.

Ordered kimchi fried rice with cheese for lunch from Korilla BBQ.

Went to Mapo in Sunnybank for Korean BBQ and go the $45 marinated meats set. It was OK but now I understand why the Korean couple next to us got a different set on the menu that had all sorts of better quality meats.

Caught the City Hopper ferry to Kangaroo Point because we had signed up for rock climbing.

View of South Bank from North Quay ferry terminal

Li Cunxin when the Queensland Ballet was doing an excerpt in Brisbane Square for publicity before the opening of Swan Lake. I had booked tickets the night before and was so shocked to see the QB right downstairs at work!

Needed to have dinner in South Bank and ended up at Ole's Sangria Bar for Sunset Tapas.

Last time we got great seats in the stalls, but this time since it's Swan Lake we could only get Balcony 2. It was such a good show, and I'm so glad I finally watched this classic!

Coty sent new launches from Bourjois! My long-time favourites Healthy Mix foundation and concealer relaunched, which excited me so. The foundation is too light, but the concealer is great.

For Mother's Day my mother didn't want to go out to eat because she's trying to eat mostly plant-based, with just one type of meat protein once a day so us kids set out to cook a healthy, tasty lunch. We made sweetcorn zucchini fritters, basil pesto stuffed mushrooms, capsicum stuffed with rice and chicken, salad, and bruschetta.

Hainanese chicken rice and Malaysian laksa at Roti Place during a lunch break.

Sydneysider cafe that found its way up! This is the first in Queensland and I hope they set up shop closer to my office.

Awesome coffee at Pablo & Rusty's on Mary Street. I would come here more often but it's on the other side of town.

My second time walking across the Kurilpa Bridge. 

The prettiest view on a beautiful day!

I was nursing a cold and it was that time of month so I was feeling very sorry for myself with my vitamin C, Nurofen, tissues, cup of Italian chocolates and chugging H2O.

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