Wednesday, July 12, 2017

Van Gogh in VIC

This post is all about my trip to Melbourne with my sister! We had such a great trip, though we did disagree on what to do at times. The weather was good for the most part, and lots of good food was eaten, coffee consumed and views and sights seen.

My sister and I visited Melbourne for 4 days, and spent first day eating baguettes and waffles from Waffle On at the Royal Botanic Gardens because the weather was so beautiful.

Visited Cumulus Inc on a Wednesday morning and didn't have a queue at all! We tried the crumpets, the freshly baked madeleine with lemon curd, the Lune croissant with braised greens, onion and raclette cheese, the Lune almond croissant and the coffee and it was all delightful.

Bagels from Manchester Press - we had the smashed pumpkin with greens and tofutti and the chorizo, corn and capsicum.

Visited Short Stop and had the maple walnut brown butter and the honey sea salt cruller. Highly recommend the maple walnut brown butter, not so much the oily cruller.

Probably the best donut I've ever had. Perfectly yeasty dough, fried golden, sweet but complex brown butter glaze countered by the walnuts.

Kyo Tea House was somewhere Daphne spotted tagged on Instagram and we found it when we were waiting for a table at Tipo 00. We went back there for dessert and the hojicha and matcha soft serve was good.

Lunch at Tipo 00 where the pine mushroom tortelloni was amazing and I'm a little sad we can't get it in Brisbane.

Coffee at Brother Baba Budan, which was good. I thought the chairs were cute and got some Seven Seeds merchandise for my boyfriend.

Love Patricia for coffee. We were at Little Bourke almost everyday.

We stayed right across the road from the Regent Theatre and decided to book tickets to My Fair Lady because we hadn't seen the show when it was on in Brisbane. We visited on our third night and it was such a great musical. I had only seen the movie once but the musical was beautiful and so well done.

Beautiful Regent Theatre. We were in the stalls so we couldn't see the ceiling until we walked forward a bit.

+39 Pizzeria for dinner. I had never had a crab pasta without the crab being picked meat until this time. The pizza was great but I've had better crab pasta at Julius Pizzeria in Brisbane.

Ramen at Hakata Gensuke where we had to queue outside for a bit but they took our order while we were in line. You get to customise how you like it with the order forms and the regular tonkotsu is definitely better than the shio tonkotsu.

One of the main drivers for our trip was the fact that Van Gogh and the Seasons is showing at the NGV.

The exhibition was so full of people, it was a bordering on uncomfortable. I loved this painting though.

I was very surprised to hear about Van Gogh's Japanese woodblock print collection. 

When we were in the Royal Botanic Gardens. We had such a whirlwind of a time in Melbourne! The weather was cold but fine most of the time we were there. Brought back lots of Haigh's for colleagues, friends and family and bearing lots of gifts.

View of the Gold Coast from the plane! I love flying and this was pleasantly short. I wanted to return to Melbourne after our family trip last November because we only spent a short amount of time in the city, and split our time between the CBD and the Mornington Peninsula, which was so beautiful, and great for someone who doesn't like the city and loves nature like my sister, but not long enough for me to explore all recommended places I had heard about and listed. I'm so happy and blessed to have done more of what I'd wanted to do, and hopefully there'll be more trips to come!

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